Founded in 2002, Max Borges Agency is one of the fastest growing PR agencies in the nation focused primarily in the consumer tech space with offices in Miami, San Francisco and New York.

With over 15 years launching consumer tech brands, we know how consumers adopt technology into their lives. Our understanding of the customer journey empowers your brand to connect the right audiences with the right message at the right moment.

We believe that strategy is a choice. A choice to be something no one else can be. We uncover the hidden story that sets your brand apart from the rest. This creates a genuine need state that drives consumer demand and business impact.

We believe that everything we do must affect your bottom line and if it doesn’t, then it is not the right strategy. With our analysis of performance metrics such as units sold, revenue and customer acquisition cost, we cut out the dated communications metrics and focus instead on what matters to your business


Be Real

We listen first to understand, to build and to solve. We are genuine. We express ourselves freely, and we value that expression in others. We communicate with confidence and conviction, in an honest, professional and constructive manner.

Give a Shit

We don’t just clock in and clock out. We attack each day with purpose. We approach every challenge as an opportunity to do something impactful. We are in this business because we take pride in our work. Because it’s more than a job, it helps define who we are.

Ask ‘What If?’

We are not content with the status quo. We push ourselves to find new and clever ways to simplify and solve complex problems. We inspire creative thought through limitless curiosity. We do not take the path of least resistance or seek the most common destination.

Find a Way

We make it happen and use limitations to our advantage. We take initiative and inspire collaborative action to overcome roadblocks. People depend on us to rise to the challenge and achieve the impossible.

Make it Count

We take every opportunity to effect positive change in ourselves, our business and our clients. We provide counsel based on data, our understanding of their customers and our experience. We are honest about what we know and what we don’t. Impact is everything. We don’t go through the motions; we do it to get results.