Since launching our agency in 2002, we’ve become the go-to media relations partner for consumer tech companies. Every day we help clients crush their competitors across traditional and new media outlets, as well as on social and influencer channels.

Our deep passion for how consumers adopt technology, combined with a commitment to driving business impact, is why hundreds of tech brands have chosen our agency as the marketing engine to differentiate their brands, boost their bottom line and bring their tech to the masses.

This is How We Do It

We know where to go, who to talk to and what works in the world of tech PR and the broader media landscape. Since our inception, we’ve developed and refined strategies for successful product launches, media relations campaigns and brand development initiatives. Our strategies are integrated to perfection across traditional and new media platforms. This includes our entire team cross-pitching your product and brand to your target media – not just one or two dedicated team members – meaning your next big moment with consumers could be a click away. Additionally, our press events, media catalogs and our in-house TV studio bring results you cannot get from any other agency.


When you work with Max Borges Agency, you can count on us to deliver a great return on your investment. How do we make that happen? It starts with our team. We hire each team member because they are passionate about technology. They are driven to help you succeed and they understand how their work directly impacts your business.

Meet The Team


Our agency partners with tradeshow organizers, media event companies, retailers, domestic and international distributors, satellite media tour producers and agencies around the world. We know no bounds for maximizing your investment and opportunities in the marketplace.

Four Practice Areas

We know media relations is no longer a one-size-fits-all solution for any business. You need strategic thinkers, data brainiacs, creative minds and masters of implementation. Max Borges Agency structures its teams to align specialized expertise to your custom needs, while ensuring all teams work together to provide a holistic marketing program that yields real results.

Client Consulting

Building Partnerships around Trust & Expertise

Business Intelligence

Mastering Consumer Behavior & Measuring Success

Brand Experience

Developing Brand Interactions that Resonate & Retain

Marketing Performance

Engaging Consumers & Innovating Implementation

Our Clients

We challenge you to find a team that collectively represents more than 200 years of effectively navigating the technology industry, but don’t just listen to us brag on ourselves – read what our clients and media have said about us over the years.

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