Photography is often a consumer’s and journalist’s first impression and touch point with your product and brand. High-quality, professional photography not only impacts consumer perception but can also lead to more media coverage or better placements within articles.


Product photography entails a variety of angles and shots to capture key design elements and features of your product.


Images are used on brand websites, e-commerce shops, manuals, packaging, and in media coverage. Our team works with you to determine important product elements, and delivers high quality images that fit your brand.


Lifestyle photography incorporates models and a variety of settings that are designed to attract your target audiences.


The agency will work with you to choose models, develop a storyboard, and execute a photoshoot from start to finish. Lifestyle images go beyond product photography by giving use-case scenarios and further appeal to target consumers and media. They’re perfect for social media channels as well.


Environmental photography places your product in various settings and scenarios without models.


Environmentall images are an excellent option for brands that are looking to appeal to specific audiences but need an alternate option to a full photoshoot featuring models. These images work well alongside product photography to add interest and solidify brand positioning, and work well in both owned and earned media.


Illustrations can be used in a variety of scenarios, and offer a wide range of possibilities that photography cannot provide. There are no products, models, or scenes necessary – only your idea and our creativity.


Technology and concepts can be confusing when they’re entirely new or require prior knowledge.


Illustrated graphics help guide consumers and journalists through your idea. Visuals are more effective and engaging than lengthy text. Our team works to fully understand your concept – whether it’s an idea, a product, data, or otherwise – and then brings it to life visually.


Illustration opens endless opportunities to explain a product because there aren’t the limitations that exist with photography.


Everything can be created from scratch. Whether you want to display technical details in a user manual, develop icons for your an app or website, or show the stages of your product’s development, our team can create original illustrations for your brand.


Illustration adds an entirely new and unique element to storytelling.


Visualizations help a data story come to life outside of a spreadsheet, or insights from a study stand out. Customized graphics make a pitch far more enticing to journalists because they can be easily added to an article or slide show. These images are easily shared to social channels as well, expanding your brand story even further.


A clear direction and consistency are important elements of creating a strong brand. Max Borges Agency works closely with your team to determine what your brand should portray, and then uses those insights to develop a clear design direction and brand collateral.


After working with your team to understand your brand goals, we develop concept boards to determine color, typography, iconography preferences and more.


Our teams work together to bring your brand to life, and then we create guidelines you can share internally and with partners to ensure your brand remains consistent and recognizable.


Once brand guidelines are established and a clear direction identified, we’ll apply the concept to a wide range of brand collateral.


Projects can range from business cards, catalogs, and packaging to highly customized marketing decks for sales or investor pitches.


Your website plays a major role in defining your brand, explaining your product line, and ultimately converting sales.


We will work with you to develop a site map, wireframes, copy, and page designs to launch your site. Whether you need a landing page or a multi-page website, our team can develop custom, responsive designs.


Content marketing is the thread that connects every experience in the customer journey, and video content is at the forefront. Whether it’s long-form storytelling or short, engaging pieces, video content – either owned or created by influencers – is essential to establishing your brand and selling products.


Product unboxing videos offer a first-hand product experience to consumers who want to learn more about your product or are considering a purchase.


Our team works with you to develop a storyboard and then shoots a high-quality video in our in-house studio. For a third-party take on your product, we also provide unboxing options with relevant influencers in your industry.


Brand videos incorporate models and settings that are designed to portray your brand identity, attract your target audiences, and demonstrate product scenarios.


We work with you to develop a storyboard and scripts and then manage the project from start to finish by directing the video shoot, choosing and licensing music, and editing final video footage.


Short videos (5-15 seconds) provide ongoing content for social channels.


We work with you develop a content calendar with a series of bite-sized videos for your owned channels. For even broader engagement, we can also work with influencers to develop and produce videos, offering your brand high-quality footage as well as an already-established audience to view your content.