Much like an actual person, a brand persona is crafted to exude human characteristics that mirror those of the brand’s target audience. In doing so, consumers are more willing and interested in connecting with a brand that speaks their language, and resonates with who they are. By developing a genuine and relatable brand persona, companies, in turn, are better able to produce everything from messaging to content that will effectively speak to their consumers.

What’s the best way to build a brand persona? While a multitude of methodologies exist, primary research is often critical in offering both data points and open-ended feedback to fully bring brand personas to life. Primary research may consist of quantitative methods (surveys) and/or qualitative exploration (focus groups), both of which can contribute to holistically defining a clear and thoughtful brand persona.

Starting with a collection of demographic data is important, as it will assist in building out the skeleton of the persona. How old is this person? What career path have they pursued? What comes next is the fun part, where gleaning insight into lifestyle and personality is explored. Questions to ask could touch upon personal interests and hobbies, to motivations and online behavior. This culmination of questioning will ideally inform a 360 degree, well-defined character that will organically jive with the target audience.

Beyond using a brand persona as a part of the content strategy process, it additionally allows clients a more thoughtful strategy to increase conversion rates and ultimately, to improve the customer experience for the brand’s most critical customer base; a win-win! Furthermore, a unique identity will serve as a certifiable differentiator in the greater market, and assist in garnering increased brand equity.

Ideally, the brand persona will be present across all customer touchpoints, presenting a clear and consistent brand voice that will yield increasing engagement overtime from a brand’s most loyal customers.