Launching a tech product can be challenging, particularly when it comes to effectively reaching a brand’s core audience. That’s where the power of influencers comes in. What better way to showcase the features, benefits and use cases of a product or service, than through a familiar and trusted face and voice?

While the cost may at times be high for specific individuals, the wide reach and visibility they’re able to provide may very well be worth the expense when launching your product to the market.

If you’re a consumer tech company preparing for a product launch, here are a few influencers to consider:

– Lewis Hilsenteger aka Unbox Therapy

Social media reach: 10.57 million YouTube subscribers, 1.65 million Twitter and 1.2 million Instagram followers

Lewis Hilsenteger’s content consists of brutally honest unboxings, product reviews, comparisons, and critiques of ‘the coolest products on the planet,’ from iPhone cases and keyboards to Bluetooth speakers and headphones. He’s amassed more than 1 billion views on YouTube. You can reach out to Lewis via the contact email listed in his YouTube profile or on his website or roll the dice and mail products directly to him in Ontario and hope that he’ll feature your product on his popular channel.

– Marques Brownlee aka MKBHD

Social media reach: 6 million YouTube subscribers, 2.8 million Twitter and 1.4 million Instagram followers

Marques Brownlee promotes himself as a maker of ‘crispy tech videos’ and shoots videos reviewing phones, robots, speakers, TVs, cameras, drones, and tons of other tech. His MKBHD videos regularly reach 1+ million views with many topping 10 million. You can reach out to him via his email on his YouTube profile or his website.

3 – Jonathan Morrison aka TLD

Social media reach: 2.4 million YouTube subscribers, 466k Twitter and 335k Instagram followers

With more than 321 million total views, Jonathan Morrison is a top influencer in the tech sphere. From laptops to phones, home gadgets, tablets, and speakers, his videos have an impressive following. Some are multi-product videos such as tech under a certain dollar threshold or best home tech. You can reach Jonathan via his email address listed on his YouTube page.

– Judner Aura aka UrAvgConsumer

Social media reach: 1.8 million YouTube subscribers, 241k Twitter and 206k Instagram followers

Judner Aura’s unboxing videos of a wide array of products vary from a couple of hundred thousand views up to nearly 4 million views. Judner does lots of phones, gaming gear, and home tech but he also does shopping challenge videos looking at great tech on a budget. His email address is available on YouTube or you may mail products directly to him in New Jersey.

5 – Michael Kukielka aka Detroit Borg

Social media reach: 1.17 million YouTube subscribers, 143k Twitter and 145k Instagram followers

Michael Kukielka goes beyond unboxing, and offers detailed reviews of home tech, phones, tablets, game systems and lots more. His videos have garnered more than 325 million views with many videos topping the one million mark. You can reach Michael via email from his YouTube channel or his website, or mail products directly to him in Michigan.

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