Every brand wants its new product to grace the pages of glossy magazines or find themselves at the top of the list in coveted guides with Lifestyle press, but it doesn’t always come easy. Here are our top 5 tips for pitching new products to Lifestyle outlets:


Strong Storytelling

One of the most important factors when launching a new product (to any media vertical) is the ability to convey the brand and/or product’s unique value proposition. Ask yourself – what differentiates my brand and product from the competition, especially if you find yourself in a crowded market like wireless headphones or Bluetooth speakers. Is it a limited-edition collaboration, or was the product designed using unique materials like exotic skins, premium leather or sustainably-sourced wood? Identifying these features and highlighting them in your messaging and outreach will help add even more newsworthiness to your new product.


Consider Lead Times & Set Expectations

Lifestyle media operate completely differently than Technology outlets. Lifestyle requires a longer lead time with any new product, especially when looking for print opportunities. Print publications work anywhere from 4-6 months ahead, while online outlets range from 2 weeks to 2 months in advance. Given this vertical’s long lead time, Lifestyle media rarely cover a product the week of launch unless they have been previously exposed to the brand and product. See our next tip on how to do just that.


Hit the Road

Considering long lead times with Lifestyle media, most successful launches are combined with an effective media tour held prior to launch. A media tour provides a platform to connect with top media that can help transform your launch into a major success for your brand. Keep Lifestyle print and online lead times in mind and plan accordingly when embarking on your next media tour so your top targets have enough time to include your brand in their coverage. When planning a Lifestyle media tour, remember to also account for major events such as Fashion Week and holidays that can interfere with scheduling.


Assets Matter

Photography is a must for strong storytelling, especially for Lifestyle media. Visual assets can make (or break) your chances of being featured in this vertical. Your brand visuals should showcase the benefits and different use cases of your product, helping to create a visual representation of the story you want to tell. Quality professional imagery can determine how prominently you are featured in a story and how you are perceived by the outlet’s readers.


Check Editorial Calendars

Most Lifestyle magazines publish editorial calendars that provide a glimpse into the year ahead. As you are planning out your product roadmap, check editorial calendars to identify which stories and specific print issues you can insert yourself into. This can help you not only pitch your new product but see where your brand fits into stories throughout the year. Also, consider seasonal roundups that are also published both in print and online like Holiday Gift Guides, Mother’s Day, Dads & Grads, Back-to-School, and more. It’s important to note close dates for print issues that work 4-6 months in advance.


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