Max Borges Agency has worked exclusively in the consumer tech space for 15 years, partnering with more than 700 innovative brands to launch thousands of products and services. From startups to Fortune 500s, MBA has successfully helped clients launch tech products to the media. Here are our top 5 tips for launch success:


Start with a Critical Review

A critical review allows you to gain valuable feedback from the media on soon-to-be-released products. These non-published third-party reviews are usually conducted by freelance journalists under NDA. Critical reviews provide insight into the possible outcomes of editorial review programs, allowing you to decide whether current samples should be sent to media for review, or whether product updates are needed prior to releasing it in the market. The feedback may also provide valuable recommendations on product messaging for use in marketing materials and press communication.


Finalize Messaging & Press Assets

Once you’ve completed the critical review, it’s time to develop the product messaging and press materials. Use the insights from the critical review and any feedback received from customer beta tests to inform the primary message points and user benefits. You’ll also want to consider how to tell the product story visually. Finalized assets should include:

  • Product samples in final packaging
  • Product messaging, inclusive of top features and differentiators, pricing and retail availability
  • Product and lifestyle images, including social media-friendly (vertical) photos
  • Short and shareable videos
  • Retailer information, including a Web URL for product purchase
  • Reviewer’s Guide


Create a Reviewer’s Guide

One important asset to consider alongside your other press materials is a reviewer’s guide. This resource is sent to media with every product review sample, providing them with the product’s competitive differentiators, primary features and instructions on how to properly test the device/s. This supports a positive experience with the product and ensures the reviewer is fully informed on the product’s unique position in the market.


What’s Included:

  • Personalized note to journalist
  • Key features and key messaging page
  • Technical/App/software walkthrough pages
  • Product images throughout the guide
  • Contact information
  • Brand information and website


Tips to Create Your Guide:

  • Keep it Short & Visual: Be clear and concise with the brand message. Use imagery where possible.
  • Highlight the Competitive Features: Call out important features that will clearly position the product with media. Examples: proprietary technology, a unique feature, a “best of” or “first ever” claim, a competitive price point or unique product design
  • It’s not a Manual: Remember, this isn’t a 20-page user’s manual; this guide is what you’ll want a journalist to highlight in their review.


Seed Product with Media & Influencers in Advance

Most top tech outlets will require a media sample prior to publishing any coverage. Seeding review samples prior to launch allows reviewers time for hands-on testing and the ability to reach out with any questions or potential issues. The typical turnaround time varies by product, but it generally takes 3-4 weeks for testing, writing, editing and publishing. Competitive categories such as Bluetooth headphones typically have longer conversion times due to the backlog of reviews.


Extra tip:  Always send a digital copy of the reviewer’s guide to journalists who have agreed to review your product along with tracking information for the sample.


Establish a Reviews Program

When launching a technology product, a reviews program is vital to its success. A positive or negative review may ultimately impact a customer’s final purchase decision. Prior to launching your reviews program, it’s important to identify the media & influencers topping search results for your category as well as the outlets covering your competitors. This research should help you define your key targets for reviews and reduce additional expense on review samples.


Launching your tech product to the media is just the beginning. Read on to find out more about sustaining momentum after your product launch.


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