Gone are the days when a brand’s Instagram story was chopped into 15-second chunks that only lasted 24 hours. In June, Instagram released a new feature that brought about vertical viewing: IGTV.

With IGTV, brands and Instagrammers can share up to an hour’s worth of video content with their followers. And the best part is that the content doesn’t disappear after 24 hours but lives on in the IGTV channel of the Instagram page.


Below are a few tips for brands venturing into IGTV to tell stories and build deeper connections with their followers.


  1. Explore your creativity


Netflix’s first IGTV video could have been anything – a promo for a new show, an interview with a cast or even an episode of one of their original programs. But instead, Netflix dedicated the full hour of their first IGTV video to Cole Sprouse of Riverdale eating a burger.


View the Netflix video here.


Netflix knows the role its service played in boosting Riverdale’s popularity on the CW after the first season was made available on the streaming service – the CW saw live ratings grow by 60% in its second season from its launch nine months earlier, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Sharing Riverdale on Netflix in the summer was the perfect time for teens and young adults on break to binge-watch the whole first season of this Archie spin.


You might be asking yourself – what is the connection between Netflix, Cole Sprouse and burgers? I could give you an answer under the six degrees of separation, but the truth is it doesn’t matter. Netflix is giving fans of Cole the heartthrob and Riverdale what they want – slow-motion content of Cole winking and wiggling his eyebrows while making eating a burger look sexy.


  1. Build excitement for your events or announcements


MTV shared a look into JLo’s rehearsal for her VMA performance as the Video Vanguard Award honoree ahead of the show, on the same night. In less than 2 minutes, viewers got a glimpse of the costumes, choreography and stunts (like being suspended in the air). In addition to that, viewers got a better understanding of the amount of work that went into the 10-minute performance on stage. This short IGTV video was a great way to expand their award show viewership beyond those already planning on watching, to include those that now wanted to tune-in to catch JLo’s performance after watching MTV’s IGTV.


View the MTV video here.


  1. Give followers a look inside your brand and products


A great way to utilize IGTV is to give viewers a peak inside your production process. With good background music and great video angles, you can make even the most mundane products interesting. Take this Calvin Klein IGTV video, where they present how their collaboration with Fiesta dinnerware is produced. This view into the factory where merchandise as practical as mugs and plates are produced gives Calvin Klein brand followers insight into the brand’s other ventures and takes the brand beyond the fashion label.


View the Calvin Klein video here.


Another great example of using IGTV to connect deeper with your followers is Serena Williams’ latest IGTV video promoting the Off-White and Nike “QUEEN” collection inspired by her and her eponymous clothing line.


View the Serena Williams video here.


Not only does this video showcase the collaboration by including shots of the Nike shoes and clips of Virgil Abloh of Off-White discussing how Serena’s style inspired the collection, but it also demonstrates Serena’s status as a role model for young women and how she uses her platform to inspire women to feel like queens. At the end of the video, the ‘S’ of her clothing brand flashes on screen, connecting all three parts.


  1. Streamline your content


Go beyond the static Instagram photos and give life to your products with long-form videos on IGTV. Now that Instagram videos can go beyond the one-minute limit for posts to your profile, you can incorporate moving visual content into your social posts by publishing on IGTV, keeping all of your visual content, fixed or not, on the same platform for the ease of the follower.


Leading up to the launch of Everlane’s Form Bag, the brand teased the versatility of the bag in their promotional video on IGTV. In tandem with the photos of the leather bag hanging from a hand or placed on a table shared on the Everlane Instagram feed, the bag was shown in its everyday capacity by following model and lingerie designer, TyLynn Nguyen, around LA in their IGTV video.


View the Everlane video here.


This is not to say that brands should abandon Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. But keeping your long-form videos and photos on one social channel makes it easier for your audience to stay up-to-date with all your brand’s news without hopping around social media to get the content they’re looking for.


  1. Take advantage of the reduced competition


IGTV is still relatively new, only two months old at this point. Because of this newness, brands should snag the opportunity to build a following on their IGTV channels before IGTV becomes as saturated as YouTube. Brands can use their Instagram following to build their IGTV following and use all of the above tips to keep their fans watching their vertical videos.


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