Whether it’s your Seed funding, Series A, B, or C, the timing and amount of each VC funding round is critical to elevate a technology brand’s growth trajectory. For VC firms, it’s more than just crunching the numbers to determine which brands they will invest in. Perception becomes reality and they have to feel comfortable with the brand, its team, and the market potential.


One way to warm up potential investors is through a strategic PR program that builds your brand and positions key executives as experts in the respective market. Here are 6 ways you can implement a PR program that will accelerate your next capital raise.


Build a Compelling Narrative

It’s critical to develop a clear narrative to potential investors that validates your value proposition. This isn’t just about what the product is and does, but moreso how it solves for a gap in the marketplace. It’s ultimately the market potential that is going to sell investors on your company, so your brand narrative should include data and statistics that illustrate how you’re reaching an underserved market.


Develop a Thought Leadership platform

VC firms don’t invest in a product or a brand. They invest in people and their vision. It’s important to elevate the perception of your key executives so their vision is validated. Contributed content, speaking opportunities at tradeshows and events, and commenting in key industry trend articles are all fantastic ways for your executive to build their presence in the industry.


Target Media VC’s Will Read

Once your narrative and thought leadership platform are solidified, it’s all about targeting the right type of media where VC decision makers consume their news. A positive article in top tier tech sites like Tech Crunch, Engadget, VentureBeat, and The Verge all can instantly put you on VC firms’ radars. Coverage on these sites is more competitive than ever, so you must be highly strategic in your approach. Picking the right journalist, offering them exclusive content, and early access to prototypes in a controlled environment will all increase your chances. You can also geotarget local media to elevate your presence in their respective geographic markets. So, if there are target VC firms in Boston, it would help to land a piece in the Globe’s technology column, or have your product included in the local ABC affiliate’s holiday gift guide.


Generate a Diverse Portfolio of Coverage

As important as it is to saturate the tech sites, you need to shoot for a wide range of mainstream and lifestyle media outlets and influencers to broaden the brand appeal. Investors want to see high growth potential for your business that caters to multiple types of consumers. If they feel it’s too niche with a small potential market, they may end up passing. For instance, if you have a product that is the next great evolution in fitness technology, you’ll not only want to hit the tech and fitness trades, but also key in on lifestyle publications that cover health and wellness, local and national TV morning shows, Men’s Interest, Family and Parenting, and others to show that the product can apply to a wide range of consumers.


Amplify Earned Media Results

Once you’re earned media gains traction, be sure to amplify those articles with a paid strategy. You can use native advertising platforms like Outbrain and Taboolah and also integrate the coverage into your Facebook and LinkedIn advertising strategies to very specifically target the folks that work at these funds. The goal is to make it impossible for them to avoid hearing about your brand.


Promote Your Funding to Attract Future Investors

Once you land a round, be sure to promote the fact that your business is poised to grow! If it’s a significant round, these are the types of announcements that sites like VentureBeat and Tech Crunch love to report about. This will prime other firms to be sure they earmark your brand and get in on the next round.


Max Borges Agency’s communications programs have helped its client partners raise capital, become acquired, and go through IPO. We have a strong grasp of not only reaching consumers, but the key decision makers and investors that will drive your business forward. To learn more about our PR programs, please email bizdev@maxborgesagency.com.