Today on Unconventional Genius, I am joined by Doug Wead, and Author, Presidential Historian and former presidential advisor to talk about making a comeback. Doug impacted my life in a huge way, even though prior to this conversation we had never met. About 15 years ago, a friend of mine gave me a CD of a speech called “Great Comebacks” at a real low point in my life. Though I didn’t know it at the time, Doug Wead was the one who wrote and delivered the speech that helped me get my life back together.

On this episode, I talk with Doug Wead about his life and the success he has experienced in politics and writing. Doug shares the events that had the greatest impact on him and how his experiences led him to where he is now. After our conversation, I included the “Great Comebacks” speeches in its entirety. Listen and be inspired.

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The inspiring stories of people who came back

Doug shares great insight about what allows someone to come back after a great loss or defeat in life. He says, “The fear of loss is neutralized by loss itself.” When you’ve experienced the deepest pain of loss or failure, it gives you the freedom to risk experiencing another loss because nothing can compare to the pain you’ve already experienced.

During the speech that Doug Wead gave that was so impactful to me, he goes through the comeback stories of people like Roger Bannister, Floyd Patterson, Moses and Joan of Arc as well as several others. I ask Doug which comeback story is his favorite. Listen as he talks about that and much more on this episode.

The secret to Doug Wead’s success

Doug Wead’s journey into politics started through charitable work. He spent time overseas in Cambodia, addressing the needs of starving people. Thereafter, he found himself working to help Ronald Reagan run for President. Doug says that Ronald Reagan was an incredible speaker because he worked at it.

I asked Doug what has allowed him to experience such great success. He shares about how he discovered his strengths through knowing his weaknesses. Doug says, ”Your greatest strengths are your greatest weaknesses. And your greatest weaknesses can become your greatest strength.” If you learn how to harness your weaknesses and focus them in the right direction, you can turn them into a strength.

On this episode of #UnconventionalGeniues, Max talks withDoug Wead, Author, Presidential Historian and former Presidential Advisor about the inspiring stories of people who came back #UnconventionalGenius #MaxBorgesAgency Click To Tweet

You can come back

This week’s podcast is different because, after my brief conversation with Doug Wead, I have chosen to play his speech in its entirety. Listen as he shares the story of some famous people who experience incredible loss, defeat or shame but who chose not to stay down, but to get back up and start again.

Doug tells these stories and concludes each with a powerful refrain of “Get up. It isn’t over. You can come back.” His admonition is to stop nursing your pain or setbacks and instead get up and fight. He exhorts you to fight. You can change. You can make a difference. It’s not over. You can come back.

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Topics Featured In This Episode

  • [1:04] Introduction of Doug Wead, Author and former Presidential Advisor
  • [3:07] Doug Wead’s favorite comeback story and what gives people to power to come back
  • [6:17] How Doug’s charitable work in Cambodia led him into politics
  • [10:03] Turning your greatest weaknesses into your greatest strength
  • [13:57] What would Doug Wead’s super bowl commercial promote?
  • {15:40] Doug Wead’s great comeback speech in its entirety

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