There’s no better avenue for advice on building a business than the builders themselves. After speaking to a variety of highly successful CEO’s in the technology sector, the top words of wisdom were rounded up:


Relationships are key

Strategic partnerships offer a multitude of advantages to the entrepreneur, such as business opportunities equating to long-term ROI, access to varying individuals and the collective insight gleaned by tapping into other brilliants minds and mentalities. Chris Allen from iDevices believes relationships are paramount to strategy, and that multiple opinions working collaboratively is ideal.


Accept input from others

While the ideation of the business may stem from the CEO alone, the ability to accept advice and lean on others is equally crucial. Peter Shankman from Haro adds, “If you’re not talking to someone, make sure you are. That has to happen.” In addition, he feels having a mentor, or someone who is willing to tell you the truth, is similarly critical. While being able to accept criticism should ring true for all, dealing with it gracefully and constructively is often the mark of a successful entrepreneur, who can then tactfully apply learnings as needed.


Embrace the highs and lows

Jaclyn Baumgarten of Boatsetter puts it well: “Without a doubt, the path of an entrepreneur is fraught with difficulties, disappointment, frustration… and then incredible highs and wins intermittently dispersed.” While the ebbs and flows described are often accompanied by emotional rollercoasters, remaining calm throughout is crucial. Greg Fadul from Grace Digital notes, “I really try to be even keel on a day-to-day basis,” saying he does so himself by not getting too excited by success, or too depressed by failure.


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