On this episode of Unconventional Genius, I talk with Gene Marks, author, speaker, and President of the Marks Group, about the top technology trends in business. Gene talks to entrepreneurs all around the country about the issues that impact growth and success. During this conversation, we discuss several trends in business that can improve your company.

On this episode of #UnconventionalGenius, Gene Marks, President of The Marks Group, talks with max about the technology tends in business. Listen now to hear Gene’s great insight and advice for business leaders. #maxborgesagency Click To Tweet

3 technologies that will impact your business this year

Gene Marks is not only a marketing genius, but he is also a CPA by trade. Because of his background, he likes to talk with business owners about ways to improve cash flow. Doing so will help increase profits, which can be funneled back into the business, fueling growth. Gene shares with me some ways to track and improve cash flow by leveraging technology.

When thinking about the impact of technology trends on your business, Gene Marks says that you have to consider both long-term and short-term impact. One of the most important trends in technology is the use of a CRM system. This type of platform acts as a one-stop shop for all the data in your company. Listen as Mark talks about different CRM providers and the benefits they can offer your company.

How to pick the right tools for your company

Along with the various demands of running a company, there is an overwhelming amount of technology that business owners can choose from. While many of these resources are helpful, they can also become expensive and cumbersome. How does a business owner know which platforms are the best?

Gene Marks recommends finding a company that provides multiple platforms so that you have consistency and integration. Instead of using different companies for various applications, he says picking one company that provides multiple platforms will decrease some of the confusion and expense. Listen as Mark shares some of the best integrated suites you should consider using in your company.

Gene Marks talks about 3 technologies that will impact your business this year. You can hear all about them and much more on the #UnconventionalGenius podcast. #maxborgesagency Click To Tweet

Attracting and keeping millennial talent

Millennial workers are incredibly innovative and talented young individuals that are now entering the workforce. One of the challenges of leading a company is determining how to attract and keep that talent. During our conversation, Gene shares with me some of the technology trends and benefits that companies are using to appeal to potential millennial employees.

One trend that Gene highlights is unlimited time off. He suggests that millennials want more mobility and independence in their careers. Offering unlimited time-off has proven to be attractive to potential hires. However, you might be surprised by the amount of vacation used by employees at companies that have implemented unlimited time off.

The politics that are impacting technology trends in business

In the last few years, there has been a major shift in politics. With a Republican congress and the current presidential administration, there is some uncertainty as to what policies might change in the near future. Gene says “The smartest business people I meet put that aside and focus on the facts.”

It is critical for business leaders to focus on the things that they have control over while resisting the temptation of fear and worry stirred by politics. Gene discusses some of the major policies that might impact businesses and how to navigate those changes. Listen to this episode to hear his advice on that and much more.

As a business owner, it is important to know how to pick the right tools for your company. The #UnconventionalGenius podcast is here to help. Tune in to hear guest Gene Marks give you advice on that and more. #maxborgesagency Click To Tweet

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Topics Featured In This Episode

  • [0:50] Introduction of Gene Marks, President of The Marks Group and author, speaker and consultant
  • [1:40] Increasing cash flow by analyzing real-time data through cloud-based applications
  • [3:50] The three technologies that should be on your company’s radar in the next year
  • [6:59] How do you choose which tools and resources you need for your company
  • [11:17] The future of technology and how it will impact businesses
  • [15:06] Tools and technologies for finding and motivating millennials
  • [20:04] Political, technological, economic and management trends for the future
  • [26:38] Gene encourages business owners to focus on facts in regard to politics

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One challenge for business leaders is attracting and keeping millennial talent. On this episode of #UnconventionalGenius, guest Gene Marks shares some tips for how to do just that. #maxborgesagency Click To Tweet Listen to the #UnconventionalGenues podcast to hear guest Gene Marks share about the politics that are impacting technology trends in business. #maxborgesagency Click To Tweet