We all know that most US internet users rely on reviews when deciding to purchase a product. But how important is a good review? For services like Amazon, a slight difference in star-rating has a significant impact on whether a customer buys your brand’s product or decides to shift to a competitor with more positive reviews. For brands selling on Amazon or other online retail channels, it’s crucial that you look at consumer reviews to understand potential barriers that may stand in the way of a successful communications program.

80.7% of shoppers said reviews were somewhat or very important to their purchase decisions, according the to the BrightLocal “Local Consumer Review Survey.” Once interested, 80% of consumers would try a business that had 4 or more stars, while only 4% of consumers would try a business that had 3 stars or less.


It’s important to nip bad reviews in the bud. First, do a search for all of your brand’s products/services to identify any problems. If you find any reviews below 3 stars, discuss a strategy for earning a higher quantity of reviews and a rating of 4 stars or above.


For those below the mark, we recommend consumer review services like Review Inc., which provides incentives for reviewing the product, specifically funneling positive reviews over to third parties like Amazon. Additionally, the Amazon Vine Program can be a great way for your brand to increase the volume of reviews. Max Borges Agency is connected with many Amazon reviewers. Contact us to find out how we can help you.