Successfully navigating the media landscape at CES can be a challenge, particularly when hundreds of tech companies are vying for the attention of the top media members covering the show. Beyond the necessary strategic storytelling, pre-show preparation and on-site hustle, MBA has sourced a wealth of information and insights from past show experience and media conversations happening throughout the show to keep our team in the lead on acquiring incredible CES media coverage, despite it being the busiest time of the year to launch tech products.


CES Media Intelligence Report – Each year, our Business Intelligence team creates a media intelligence report focused specifically on CES, sharing insights with our team on past CES trends and successes that can be leveraged for the next show. The team analyzes trends in results from past shows, such as the best day to issue a press release, the journalists across each vertical sharing the most CES content and the outlets earning the highest site traffic during the event. All of this intel provides our team with actionable next steps for their press strategy and media outreach to ensure they’re focusing on the right journalists, with the right stories, at the right time.


Live CES Media Board – In addition to having booths on the ground at the show with both your dedicated booth representative and our Media Concierge Team, our live CES media dashboard provides your team with a real-time view of 300 of the top media members attending the show, scanning published news and social feeds to determine the topics earning the highest amount of interest amongst the media. With this resource, our teams are able to reach media with timely client stories that will align with their coverage focus and interest points during the show. Furthermore, our geo-tracking of media at the show gives our team the insight we need to know when a key media target is in their area, allowing them to encourage visits from key targets to their client’s booths.




This data-driven approach builds the foundation for our proprietary CES process. For more information on how we can help your brand rise above the noise and excel at CES, head over to our CES Resource Center.