It’s no surprise that brands with a strategic digital marketing plan stand out from their competitors. They also stand to gain a powerful reputation, which can result in more credibility and ultimately, more customers.


Here are five ways to use digital marketing to increase your brand’s footprint:


  1. Start with an inbound marketing strategy

A blog is a great way to bring your target audiences to your website. Leverage your employees to create posts that not only showcase your brand’s expertise in your industry, but also cover topics you know your audience is interested in. Take a look at your competitor’s blogs. Are there any topics they’re not covering that you could add insight to? Position your brand as a trusted authority by filling that gap.


After uploading the post to your business blog, make sure to share the content with your existing customer base via your brand’s social channels. You can also implement a native advertising campaign to get the word out about your post to a targeted audience.


As more people discover your content and click through to the site, Google will begin to recognize your site as a leader in the topic, and eventually begin to rank you higher and higher in search results.


While you may not see immediate results from this tactic, not only does it increase your online presence, but it also helps boost your site’s SEO, which will eventually get more users to your site organically.


  1. Create better social content

How do you become a brand people want to follow and engage with? Like you should be doing when planning your blog content, take a look at your competitors. What type of content is constantly performing better — is it video? Brand updates? Industry articles or customer testimonials? Get creative in coming up with social content that outperforms your competitors and keeps your target audiences interested in your updates.


Also, be sure to know exactly when your audiences are consuming social content. When are they most active on Facebook? When are they engaging with your content? Facebook Insights is a free tool that lets you answer those questions, so you’ll know the best days and times to schedule your posts.


Once your content is live, make sure it reaches both your existing audience and new audiences you want to attract to your page by using Facebook Ads. Although this requires a lot of testing, it’s a low-cost way of promoting your content to the right audiences, growing your community and retargeting those audiences with content they’ve already showed interest in.


  1. Post consistently on the right social channels

One common misconception is that you need to have a presence on all social channels. Unless you have a dedicated person or team whose sole responsibility is managing your social channels, this may not be realistic. Instead, stick to the channels that will help you connect best with your audience. If you’re a B2B brand, LinkedIn is king. Are you trying to reach millennials? Instagram and Twitter are the way to go. Are you trying to reach moms? Try Pinterest and Facebook. Here are five efficient ways to stay active on social:


  • Recycle your content. If you have a new blog post in the works, create several variations of copy and images to share on your social channels. That way, it’ll always look like you’re sharing new content and you’ll have several chances to get your audience to click through to the post who may not have done so before. You can even do the same thing with video content. Edit the video down to several seconds-long videos so that you can stretch out the life of your video content and repurpose when needed in the future.
  • Position your brand as a relevant leader in the space by sharing the latest news from your industry. This will let your audiences know your team is always up to date in the latest techniques, laws and trends affecting your industry.
  • Humanize your brand and tell your story by giving your audience an inside-look at what goes on behind the scenes. For example, share a #TBT of your co-founders, product renderings of your latest product, big brand wins like a successful investment round or a Facebook Live Q&A featuring your CEO.
  • Retweet positive feedback from your audience and respond to product questions or requests to let them know you care about your consumers.
  • Follow relevant journalists or influencers in your industry and chime in in relevant conversations. A retweet or reply from them can really help further your brand’s credibility.


  1. Monitor how media is covering your brand, and use it to create more content

Set up a Google Alert so you’ll always know if your brand is mentioned online. This will help you ensure all facts are correct, and if needed, reach out to the journalist to make sure any edits are taken care of within 24 hours. Doing so also opens the door to introduce yourself to the journalist and offer yourself as a source for any future articles that might require a quote or opinion on a subject related to your brand.


Assuming the article was positive, you can then share the article on social media once the edits are made. Ideal platforms for this type of content are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Be sure to tag the journalist and outlet in the post, as they are also looking to increase their articles’ visibility online.


  1. Become a contributor to top tier outlets

Another way to increase your digital footprint is to become a contributor to outlets such as Forbes, Inc or Huffington Post, where you’d publish a piece once or twice a month that’s relevant to your position or brand. For example, if you’re the CMO of a popular audio brand, you might contribute pieces relevant to the use of innovative marketing strategies to help your brand stand out in a crowded market. If you’re the CEO of a cybersecurity firm, you might offer tips on how to keep your online assets safe from hackers.


This is yet another way to establish yourself and your brand as an expert among key audiences because of the trust that the outlet has already built. Best of all, it’s a free way to earn consistent, editorial coverage in a top target outlet that your stakeholders frequently read. Once live, you should of course take credit for your work and share across your social channels, especially LinkedIn.


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