The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way the world works, and the way humans interact. The stories we’re telling through IoT PR must also change, and how we glean success from those stories. The IoT has blended the physical world with the cloud or computer-based world to give us what we want: efficiency, accuracy and insights.


When thinking about IoT PR strategy, there are a few things to keep in mind in the storytelling process that will lead to more compelling conversations with media and result in more impactful coverage for brands.


Remember that data is king, and you’re just here to deliver his message to the masses.

We can’t say this enough. The IoT has given us the most beautiful gift: access to unlimited amounts of data! Not just that, but data that gives us a sneak peek into consumers’ lives and what they truly want. This data allows us to better understand a consumer’s wants and needs based on their habits. We can then message those needs and tell stories to media that we already know will resonate with their audience. You’re not just pitching an idea, you’re pitching facts that you can prove through data.


Sell use-cases and benefits and the product will sell itself.

People don’t really care about your physical product. Sure, it should be visually appealing and well-designed, but what’s really going to sell your products with consumers and sell your message with media is what it can do for them, what benefit it adds to their life. Answer these questions: how does this make life easier or save me time? How does this product provide me with more accurate results that I can trust? The how and the why is going to resonate with media. Package the story this way instead of leading with the product.


Promote the ways your platform is universal and compatible.

People like what they like. They are loyal to brands (if you do your job right!) and prefer to use certain products. The best IoT products and services cross different platforms and are compatible with a variety of devices that enrich the consumer experience. Everything must be considered through that lens. This is great for PR professionals, because the more brands our products are compatible with, the larger your potential audience of consumers is.


Use creative, visual content to educate your audience.

How many times have you heard “what IS the Internet of Things”? It may be hard for the average person to grasp, and if they don’t grasp it, they don’t know why they need it. One of the ways to guard against this is to SHOW consumers why they need it. Visually appealing infographics or simple, easy-to-understand videos and content are great ways to reach the consumer who may need that extra push to dive into the world of IoT.

Consider privacy, proactively.

Probably one of the most hot-button topics when it comes to IoT, you must consider and prepare for what happens in the event of a security breach. More importantly, your company and product messaging should proactively communicate what your company does to protect consumers’ privacy.


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