This week on Unconventional Genius, I sit down with Dr.Jeremy Corbett to discuss how he is revolutionizing the healthcare system with his company, RocketHealth. Jeremy is an emergency room physician and entrepreneur who has made it his mission to improve how the nation’s healthcare system treats patients suffering from chronic diseases.

Under the current healthcare structure, patients who have chronic conditions are typically treated reactively. For instance, people with hypertension or heart disease may only seek medical attention after they have a heart attack. Rockethealth is looking to change that by offering preventative solutions for high-risk individuals.

On this episode of #UnconventionalGenius, Jeremy Corbett, founder of RocketHealth talk about how his company is revolutionizing the healthcare system through technology and preemptive care. Listen to this great conversation now. #MaxBorgesAgency Click To Tweet

A new way to manage health

Using data and coaching, RocketHealth has a better way to preemptively manage the health of those suffering from chronic illness. Patients are given resources based on their current health status which is managed by a coach. These patients are alerted to potential dangers and receive encouragement from their personal coach.

Their approach not only helps individuals but also benefits companies who provide healthcare for their employees. By focusing on those employees who are likely to be the most expensive to insure, a company can save money over time. Listen as Jeremy Corbett describes how he is creating a new way to manage health during this episode.

Changing the healthcare system by predicting the future

What sets Rockethealth apart from other Healthcare entities is the focus on the future. Dr. Jeremy Corbett explains that most healthcare plans rely on claims. This means that providers are focusing on past experience.

RocketHealth instead analyzes real-time data to predict the future. Coaches can then contact clients before they have a need to seek a healthcare provider or file a claim. This minor shift in approach could have a drastic impact on the healthcare system. Jeremy Corbett says, “We really believe that RocketHealth is helping our customer predict the future and ultimately change the future…”

RocketHealth offers a new way to manage health both for individuals and companies. Listen to #UnconventionalGenius with special guest Jeremy Corbett to learn about their revolutionary approach. #MaxBorgesAgency Click To Tweet

How RocketHealth is helping diabetics

One of the population segments that RocketHealth is focusing on is people with diabetes and prediabetes. Jeremy Corbett shares some staggering stats about the number of people who suffer from diabetes and the exorbitant healthcare costs associated with these patients.

Because there are specific risk-factors typically found in diabetics, there is a way to develop a healthcare management plan for them before they have a major issue. Hear how the RocketHealth software is specifically helpful for people with diabetes.

Challenges to changing the healthcare system

The U.S. Healthcare system is difficult to change. There are traditional methods that, while seemingly effective in the past, could be outdated or even disproven through newer research. With the evolution of technology, there is a great need for chronic illness and disease management to evolve as well.

Jeremy Corbett says that RocketHealth didn’t necessarily come up with a new idea, they just put two effective ideas together. Using best-practice patient management along with advanced technology, RocketHealth provides a solution to the healthcare systems traditional approach. Listen to this great conversation on this week’s episode of Unconventional Genius

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Hear how RocketHealth is helping diabetic patients manage their health using real-time data and live coaching on #UnconventionalGenius with guest Jeremy Corbett. #MaxBorgesAgency Click To Tweet There are many challenges to changing the healthcare system. Hear about them and how Jeremy Corbet, founder of RocketHealth, is leading his company to overcome them during this interview on #UnoonventionalGenius. #MaxBorgesAgency Click To Tweet

Topics Featured In This Episode

  • [2:37] Introduction of Dr. Jeremy Corbett who is on a mission to impact the entire population through improving the healthcare system through technology
  • {3:52] How RocketHealth is trying to use real time data to treat chronic illness
  • [8:48] Jeremy Corbett explains where his software is being implemented
  • [10:02] Responses of people using RocketHealth given the potential big-brother effect
  • [12:05] How Jeremy Corbett came up with the idea for Rockethealth
  • [14:15] Max asks Jeremy to explain the RocketHealth business model and how the company makes money
  • [16:01] Determining return on investment with chronic disease patients
  • [20:20] The commitment of RocketHealth to data-driven, fact-based marketing
  • [23:46} Jeremy Corbett talks about the future of RocketHealth
  • {27:06} The one message Jeremy Corbett wants to share with the world

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