As you think about the expenses required to fund your lifestyle, there is one thing you do month after month that operates unlike any other: paying your power bill.

You don’t typically have any choice about where the power you use comes from, how much you pay for it, or whether or not you will work with the company in your area. Everything seems to be set in stone and you have to take what you get. But not any longer.

My guest on this episode is Kiran Bhatraju and the work he’s doing through the company he co-founded, Arcadia Power is revolutionizing not only the power bill itself but the power industry as a whole, by providing consumers nationwide the opportunity to source their energy from clean sources.

Be sure you listen, Kiran’s team is doing important work and changing the way we get and use energy.

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Can you even UNDERSTAND your power bill?

Has anyone ever explained to you what a kilowatt-hour (kwh) is? What about “Single Phase Services?” No? Maybe you’d recognize the term, “Customer Efficiency Services?” Still no?

It’s not surprising.

Even though those terms likely appear on your power bill every month, you don’t know what they mean. And most of us don’t care what they mean because until now we’ve had no option but to accept what the utility companies say about our energy usage and pay the bill. After all, they have a monopoly on power, don’t they?

But Kiran and the team at Arcadia Power have changed all that. Listen to this episode and you’ll learn how you are now able to choose where your power comes from and actually understand what you’re paying for.

Is the energy you’re using in your home aligned with your values?

The push to use more renewable and clean energy is sweeping the globe and many people today are very concerned that they are living lives consistent with sustainable approaches. But when you have no choice about where the power for your home comes from, you don’t have the opportunity to live consistently.

Arcadia Power makes it possible for your entire home to be fueled by clean energy sources, no matter where in the country you may live. It’s a simple concept that is growing rapidly and is something you should look into if you are eager to use renewable energy sources.

My guest, Kiran Bhatraju explains, on this episode of Unconventional Genius.

Is the #energy you’re using in your home aligned with your #values? Find out how you can source your home’s power from #renewable sources, no matter where you live - on this episode of #UnconventionalGenious with guest, @KiranRaju of @ArcadiaPower Click To Tweet

One person can make a difference, even in contexts that seem impossible

Kiran never expected to found a company that challenges the way an entire industry is doing business, but it’s exactly what he’s done. And it’s working.

Arcadia Power is changing the way utility companies provide power to consumers by tapping into the consumer’s desire to have more choices and determine their own energy usage patterns. In our conversation, he explains how every person who makes the choice to source their energy from clean sources is telling the power industry that things must change for the good of society.

Utility companies are starting to listen. Find out how you can be part of the movement to transform the power industry, on this episode.

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Topics Featured In This Episode

  • [2:21] Clean energy nationwide for the average person: meet Kiran Bhatraju
  • [7:22] Why one customer makes an impact in the clean energy industry
  • [8:20] Why would power companies want to work with a clean energy coop like this?
  • [12:01] How you can buy clean energy for free and stay true to your values
  • [14:28] Examples of the benefits you receive from using a service like this
  • [17:15] The most common ways people waste energy
  • [19:58] How Kiran knew this model of providing energy could actually work
  • [23:19] The percentages of the various sources of energy production that currently exist
  • [28:30] How Kiran was prepared to begin and run Arcadia power
  • [31:46] The message Kiran wants to share with the world

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Can you even UNDERSTAND your #power bill each month? Learn how @KiranRaju and the team at @ArcadiaPower are simplifying and revolutionizing the power industry, on this episode of #UnconventionalGenius. #MaxBorgesAgency Click To Tweet One person can make a difference when it comes to #RenewableEnergy and #CleanEnergy. Find out how from @KiranRaju of @ArcadiaPower, on this episode of #UnconventionalGenius Click To Tweet