Fitness watches are some of the most sought-after gadgets out there. Every few months, especially leading into the holidays, we see more of these self-quantified wearables hit the market. And if you’re the PR expert tasked with getting this new “game-changing” device reviewed by every major print and web publication, your pitch game better be spot on.


Learning what (and what not) to communicate is a great first step for assembling the perfect review pitch. Here are five ways to get your client’s new fitness watch reviewed by the industry’s top publications.


Please, Stop Pitching it as the “Apple Watch Killer”

When it comes to consumer tech, validation is everything, and that’s usually conveyed through positive expert feedback and sales. While it’s wishful thinking to proclaim your client’s new fitness watch as the Apple Watch’s biggest threat, it immediately comes off as an exaggeration.


If you and your client feel that confident about the device, consider a different approach. Maybe pitch it as “the fitness watch for the Apple Watch hater” or “the Apple Watch alternative to keep on your radar.”


Emphasize the Tentpole Features

Unless you’re pitching this watch to tech nerds, the features and spec sheet will look no different than any other model out there, at least through the eyes of most editors and writers. Ask one simple question: What’s the one thing this watch does better that any Apple or Fitbit wearable? Zero in on its killer features and share how they operate better than the competition. Also, see what other relevant info the company is willing to share that highlights the watch’s ingenuity.


Simplify the Press Release

A survey conducted by Muck Rack (in collaboration with Zeno Group) showed that 53% of journalists “don’t rely on press releases at all.” Why is that? Simple: Many find them long and boring, while others become overwhelmed by the technical jargon shared in these docs.


Keep in mind that less is more, so sharing as much beneficial information in a concise and easy-to-understand manner will earn you plenty of brownie points with your favorite journalists.


Play the E-Commerce Game

So many online publications are transitioning into content-driven e-commerce sites. That means editors are more inclined to review a product if they can sell it on their site and make a profit. Ask if your client is willing to offer an affiliate program, and if approved, bring attention to it when sending out any review pitches.


Offer. A. Sample!

Some PR reps make the amateur mistake of requesting coverage for a product without ever offering a test unit. But what’s there to review if the product isn’t in a writer’s hands? Whether your client is short on samples or prioritizing them by publication, be transparent with the potential reviewer about availability if you want to gain their respect and maintain their interest.


Alex Bracetti is a lifestyle writer based out of New York City with over a decade of journalism experience. He specializes in numerous categories including: consumer tech, gaming, fashion, pop culture, sports, and men’s grooming. You can find many of his features on popular sites such as Tom’s GuideMen’s HealthComplexThrillistAskMen, and more.