Media tours aren’t a novel PR concept, however, despite the many years they’ve been around, companies and PR agencies still often get it wrong. A media tour provides a platform for brands to meet and form relationships with key media in your industry whose influence can ultimately make (or break) your brand. When planned and executed correctly, media tours can be a powerful tool. Here are our top 6 tips for making your next tour effective:


Do Your Research

Extensive research must be done to identify the editors who are most likely to cover your brand positively and would be willing to meet with you. Too often, brands and PR agencies don’t properly research past press, both positive and negative, to ensure that the contact at hand is likely to find your brand and technology compelling. Once you’ve identified and confirmed meetings with the right media members, create a brief that shows your level of understanding for the media member you’re talking to, your depth of knowledge of their publication’s focus and their history of coverage for your brand and your competitors.


Think Long-Term

While many may consider media tours as a platform to promote a new product or service, it’s important to think of the value that a long-term media relationship can offer. Media tours offer companies a way to build rapport with top journalists in their industry and form relationships that can be greatly beneficial as their company grows. As mentioned in the previous tip on doing your research, this is all the more reason that you must show your knowledge and interest in the journalist. Don’t arrive to a meeting and expect to only talk about yourself; ask them questions and engage in a two-way dialogue that extends beyond your product.


Tell a Compelling Story

One of the most important factors when executing a successful media tour is the ability to identify and communicate the product’s unique value proposition. For example, there is always more to a Bluetooth headphone – what differentiates it from the rest of the headphones in a saturated market? Was there a design process you can speak to? Is it in collaboration with a well-known influencer or designer? Finding and highlighting these unique features will add to the newsworthiness of a product.


Timing is Everything

Timing is two-fold. You must look at your brand’s internal product roadmap alongside larger events happening in the world, which may affect respective verticals you are trying to reach.


A media tour will produce more success when held prior to a product launch if you have a prototype or sample to show to media. Journalists are very visual people and love being able to test a product before it’s released to the public. By offering an exclusive, hands-on experience, you are not only giving them the advantage of original content driving traffic to their website, but your launch day story will, in turn, be more robust with original photography specific to their publication’s audience and include information or key quotes they may not have received via press release.


Be sure to align yourself with key events happening in the market you are striving to secure meetings with. Dates and events to be aware of in the tech world include Apple Keynotes, SXSW, CES, IFA and other marquee brand press conferences and tradeshows. For lifestyle outlets, steer clear of any Fashion Week events and Art Basel, among others.


Partner with the Right People

In any aspect of business, you need to be able to trust your partner – and that’s exactly what an agency should be to you. Choosing the right agency partner with years of experience and an extensive media rolodex will set you up for a successful media tour. They take the work off your plate, manage the process from start to end, and ultimately ensure you meet with the correct target media outlets to produce desirable results.


Follow-up is Key

Just because you’re back home doesn’t mean the media tour is over. Following up with media is essential to converting coverage and ensuring those relationships stay fruitful. Send them a press release, ship out a sample, or simply thank them for their time and let them know finalized press materials are on their way. Don’t let all the hard work of the media tour slip away.


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