The team at eero have created a product that is driving the traditional approach to whole home wifi to obsolescence. Nick founded eero just three years ago when the home networking market was dominated by some of the tech industry’s biggest companies. However, he saw opportunity where they did not.

Nick has turned a company that began in his apartment into one that has raised over $90 million, employs more than 150 people, and has created a new market segment. I sat down with Nick and asked him how he was able to achieve such accomplishment in a short amount of time. Listen in on his keys to success that allowed his startup to change a developed market overnight.

On this episode of #UnconventionalGenius, NIck Weaver, Co-Founder and CEO of @geteero, joins me to talk about how his company created a better whole home wifi solution #MaxBorgesAgency Click To Tweet

How constantly evolving technology is forcing companies to adapt

Eero is the first company to figure out whole home wifi. Their product is built upon the idea that not only is technology changing but so are the ways we use technology. With a greater demand for internet reliability, Nick set out to design a product that would provide internet connectivity that is as reliable as our running water and power. The result was an easy to use a product that provides internet to every corner of the home.

When looking at the market, the challenge wasn’t trying to figure out how to build a new wifi technology. The challenge was centered around user experience and design. So they first set out to create an aesthetically pleasing product that people would be proud to have all over their homes.

The power of startups over established companies

In an already developed market, companies had to have known that people were having trouble with internet connectivity throughout their homes. Nick explains that “Innovator’s Dilemma” which prevents established and successful companies from seeing the need for something new in their market. The power of startup companies is the ability to build upon a simple idea and disrupt the market.

Nick Weaver says, “That’s part of the power of startups. You can start with such a simple idea and completely change the market overnight.” Find out how eero is doing just that during my conversation with Nick.

This week on #UnconventionalGenius, guest Nick Weaver discusses how constantly evolving technology is forcing companies to adapt and how @geteero is doing just that. #MaxBorgesAgency Click To Tweet

2 keys to building a successful whole home wifi solution

In this conversation, Nick shares 2 keys that allowed him and his team to become successful in such a short time. Before developing a product, they focused on developing the company’s culture and values. Putting these first allowed Nick to hire people who could instill the same into the work they are doing.

It’s never too early to articulate the type of culture you want your company to have. Setting the tone and message of your brand early on helps employees know the mission of the company. This, in turn, helps them better serve the end user.

Evolving industries require evolving thinking

While the concepts Nick uses to develop his company are not new, the kind of thinking he employs is unconventional. Operating this way looks more like leading a community of like-minded people than leading a company. How you articulate these concepts and put them into action makes all the difference.

Nick believes it is this kind of thinking that will help eero stay ahead in the ever-evolving internet connectivity market. Nick confesses, however, that even methods of communication are always changing and that its difficult to keep the mission and vision of the company continually in the forefront. You’ll be inspired by his transparency about the culture he is looking to create and the values on which eero is built.

The power of startups can give them a competitive edge over established companies. Find out how @geteero is leveraging its power on #UnconventionalGenius #MaxBorgesAgency Click To Tweet

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Topics Featured In This Episode

  • [2:43] Nick explains eero and how he became the first company to figure out whole house wifi.
  • [4:50] Why eero is different as a product
  • [7:23] How startups have an advantage over established companies.
  • [9:06] The reasons why eero is staying ahead of the competition.
  • [10:55] Keys to going from an apartment startup to multimillion dollar company.
  • [12:58] Eero’s five core values.
  • [14:30] The effects of prioritizing culture and values.
  • [17:27] Where Nick learned to organize his company.
  • [18:51] What’s next for eero?
  • [21:15]Nick’s method for coming up with organizational ideas.

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