In today’s fast-paced world, most people don’t have the time to read through never-ending text to learn about your product or brand. They want to see it.


Visuals are not only processed at a faster rate, but are more memorable, which is ideal when creating an identity for your brand. Photography is playing an increasingly important role in delivering brand stories and connecting with consumers. By having consistent, high-quality imagery throughout all platforms, you are building trust and recognition while simultaneously positioning your brand as an expert.


Many brands underestimate the power of photography in landing media coverage. While written word continues to be a powerful and effective form of communication, visual storytelling can be even more compelling and drive greater engagement. Oftentimes media will drop a story before publication if it lacks imagery or the image quality is poor, which is why many successful brands invest in high-quality photography.


Here are a few photography tips and tricks for landing media coverage for your product or brand:


Product Photography

  • Let your product shine like the star it is! A crisp, clear and well-lit photo will go a long way. When possible, it’s best to use studio lights as they provide the most control over light and shadows.

Lifestyle Photography

  • Identify your audience (ideally with target audience research) to ensure you’re telling the right story. Represent the lifestyle of someone who would realistically use and interact with your product.

Environmental Photography

  • Don’t overcrowd your photos with props that distract from your product. You can tell a consistent and clear story with less than you might think.


Photography is a crucial aspect of your brand and could be the key to landing meaningful media coverage. Let us help you achieve the right story-telling through professionally crafted photos. To learn more, contact us today!