On this episode of Unconventional Genius, I speak with Rikard Steiber, Senior Vice President of Virtual Reality at HTC about how virtual reality can change the world. HTC has been on the forefront of the virtual reality revolution, developing cutting-edge equipment and creative content. During our conversation, Rikard tells me about his passion for this ground-breaking technology and how he is directing HTC to be a leader in the virtual reality space.

When people think about virtual reality, they often think of it as a gaming platform. Under Rikard Steiber’s leadership, HTC is looking to innovate beyond games. There are exciting opportunities to use this unique platform in contexts like education and industry.

On this episode of #UnconventionalGenius, Rikard Steiber, Senior Vice President of Virtual Reality, shares how #virtualreality can change the world #maxborgesagency Click To Tweet

The virtual reality revolution

Rikard explains to me how virtual reality can revolutionize even the most common experiences. Rather than simply watching a movie, users have an opportunity to be a character in the movie. With these totally immersive experiences, you can play a role that actually affects the outcome. This type of experience is shaking up the entire entertainment industry.

Virtual reality isn’t just useful in entertainment. Rikard Steiber explains the implications for business and retail markets. Virtual reality could give people the chance to experience goods and services in a lifelike setting before purchasing. There are also benefits for social networking, allowing friends to interact not just via a screen, but inside a virtual world.

How to market virtual reality to consumers

Like many traditional technology products, virtual reality is best sold when experienced. Marketing virtual reality requires giving people opportunities to actually put on a headset so that they can see the capabilities of the technology. Getting it in front of people is the key to customer education and acquisition.

Rikard Steiber says that now is the time to invest in virtual reality because of what he calls full-presence. He discusses how the brain reacts when a person is in a virtual world, allowing users to enjoy an alternate reality. Full-presence surpasses any other type of gaming or entertainment experience.

Hear all about the virtual reality revolution and how HTC is leading the way on this episode of #UnconventionalGenius with guest Rikard Steiber, Senior Vice President of Virtual Reality at HTC. #maxborgesagency Click To Tweet

Staying in front of the technological curve

Being the leader in the virtual reality space is not without its challenges. There are concerns about the effects of too much time spent in a virtual world. Rikard says that HTC is doing research to ensure that they understand the best practices when using VR.

Software and game developers now have the opportunity to push boundaries and expand immersive experiences. There are endless possibilities for what you can do with virtual reality. There is also a responsibility to ensure that the technology is being used to benefit society and not harm it. Rikard explains his commitment to this responsibility during our conversation.

Changing the world one virtual experience at a time

Rikard anticipates that virtual reality will continue to become more affordable such that it becomes a mass market product. He believes that total immersion gives people the opportunity to experience things that used to only be available to the wealthy.

Rikard says he would like to see virtual reality used to enlighten people so that they can understand and experience issues around the world. Witnessing other people’s needs through this unique platform could potentially motivate people to action. Listen to Unconventional Genius to hear how virtual reality is positioned to make a difference in the world.

Virtual reality is becoming more accessible. Rikard Steiber explains the creative ways HTC is marketing #virtualreality to consumers. Hear about all that and more on #UnconventionalGenius #maxborgesagency Click To Tweet

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Topics Featured In This Episode

  • [0:36] Introduction of Rikard Steiber, Senior Vice President of HTC Virtual Reality
  • [1:00] Overview of what HTC Vive is and what HTC is doing with virtual reality
  • [5:00] How Rikard Steiber believes virtual reality will change the worlds
  • [8:20] The virtual reality revolution
  • [11:14] Developers now have a huge challenge and opportunity to create new experiences for users
  • [16:17] How do you market a product that people have to experience to understand
  • [21:06] Rikard Steiber’s journey into the world of Virtual Reality
  • [25:58] The one message that Rikard would like to share with the world

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There are endless possibilities for what you can do with virtual reality. On this episode of #UnconventionalGenius, Rikard Steiber explains how HTC is exploring those possibilities. #maxborgesagency Click To Tweet Listen to #UnconventionalGenius with guest Rikard Stenber to hear how #virtualreality is positioned to make a difference in the world #maxborgesagency Click To Tweet