Today’s moms still control most of the family’s purchases. This makes it essential that we understand how they are discovering, researching and ultimately purchasing products. A recent Google study explored how Moms are using YouTube before and during the purchasing process and the different behaviors they exhibit when shopping for themselves, their kids or their household. For companies with Moms as a target audience, YouTube is an essential channel in your marketing mix. The key is developing the right content based on what we know of our target’s behavior on this channel.

  • 69% of Moms go to YouTube first to learn more about a product or service
  • 58% of YouTube-watching moms surveyed agree they’re likely to search for videos about a certain product before making a purchase.
  • Only 42% of Moms have a brand in mind when shopping for themselves
  • 62% of Moms have a brand in mind when shopping for their kids or household


Moms rely on YouTube how-to videos more than the average viewer. Creating content based on popular searches that align naturally with your product is a good approach for reaching new audiences. For example, a company representing a drawing tablet could naturally introduce its products to a new audience of Moms by leveraging the popular searches, “How to Draw Elsa” or “How to Draw a Cat.”


When shopping for herself, moms are typically searching without a specific brand in mind, so content should be “upper sales funnel focused.” For example, a company marketing a wearable fitness device could collaborate with a popular influencer in the health & fitness space to create a video, “Which Fitness Tracker is Best for Swimming?”


When shopping for her kids or the household, moms typically have a brand already in mind, so content should answer questions about specific products, features and models. For example, a smart home device brand could produce a customer video testimonial from a user of its products, such as  how its connected thermostat cut down a customer’s electric bills.


As Moms turn to YouTube more and more, brands have a great opportunity to be there and provide useful content when moms have new questions, decisions, and challenges.


Source: ThinkwithGoogle