Everyone knows that influencer marketing is one the biggest marketing strategies taking over social media; basically the bread-and-butter of B2C social marketing.


Influencers are trusted by millions of consumers and 86% of marketers have used influencer marketing since last year. * Even though this new tactic is popular amongst marketers, there is a difference between integrating products into lifestyle content and just downright commercial and promotion. Find out what brands are mastering this fine balance in their creative and innovative influencer campaigns.



Influencer: Taylor Swift

Campaign: #DIRECTVMeow


One of the largest pop stars on the planet, Taylor Swift, combined forces with one on the largest telecommunication companies in the nation, DIRECTVNOW, a subsidiary of AT&T. Only it wasn’t her in the spotlight, but her cats! To engage the niche of Swifties, DIRECTVNOW had a celeb takeover on their Twitter, where fans could engage for a few hours with Taylor’s sassy and furry cats, Meredith and Olivia.


The #DIRECTVMeow campaign brought in over 18K mentions, 58 million in reach and 8% positive sentiment on Twitter and Facebook. Users were encouraged to comment and create UGC, increasing engagement on DIRECTV’s channels by over 500% in just a few hours.






Influencer: Various localized influencers

Campaign: “Don’t Go There, Live There” #DingDong, London


Airbnb’s London team designed an exclusive experience townhouse in London, where visitors could come and experience local culture and show travelers ‘the real London’ not found in guidebooks. It enlisted 25 local influencers to amplify the event on social media. While 1,400 guests visited the townhouse over four days, several million learned about it online as a result of the influencer engagement.


For Airbnb, local influencers made a foreign brand a local one. These local influencers, both celebrities and social media influencers, helped bring a locally authentic and authoritative voice to the international brand.


The initiative was a huge success, with #DingDong gaining 3.5K Twitter mentions and a 12.3 million social reach to date. *



Cricket Wireless

Influencer: Various Musical Influencers

Campaign: Cricket Wireless Lounge


Real-time and livestream is the next wave on social marketing, and that’s what Cricket offers in this ongoing series. When you think of Cricket Wireless, you don’t necessarily think of millennial, trending music. But Cricket decided to enhance their lifestyle brand by incorporating artists that speak to their target market. Cricket Wireless Lounge gives Cricket followers exclusive access to intimate performances with high-profile artists such as Jazmine Sullivan, Charli XCX and Ella Mai. A cool 800K views and 3K engagements for a 45-minute performance – not bad! Cricket Wireless Lounge incentivizes loyal followers with exclusive content and new users with out-of-the-promotional-box content like a music concert.




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