There are many avenues to explore when recruiting and hiring new employees. Building a team that’s going to gel, support the company’s mission and collaborate effectively is no easy task, but one that can be accomplished through thoughtful recruiting practices. In speaking with an array of company CEO’s on the “Unconventional Genius” podcast, we’ve collected insights shared by leaders from tech companies on how to build a team successfully.


Judgement, Ambition and Curiosity are Commonly Sought Characteristics

It’s critical to onboard team members that can be trusted to maintain good judgement across varying situations, and naturally, individually who are driven to succeed offer the company a constant stream of momentum and positive energy. Finally, curiosity is vital, as it allows employees to learn from one another and to continuously seek educational opportunities. Chris Allen from iDevices comments, “We all have something to learn from everybody else, all the way down to the janitor level or whatever it might be. You got to have an open mind.”


Team Players are Key

The desire to curate a collaborative environment is of great importance across the board, with several noting the power of simulation recruiting as a helpful tool in locating this type of employee. Observing how people solve problems and treat others is often a telltale sign of whether the fit will be good for the organization, and discussions around how challenges have been met collaboratively can yield additional insight into the type of person that would flourish in a team-oriented work environment.


Let Go and Allow Employees to Thrive

At the end of the day, a company is built by the collective effort of many. Sonny Vu of Misfit feels leaders must encourage employees to be as ambitious and autonomous as possible, as the failure to do so may result in mismanagement of time and distraction from important initiatives, such as strategic thinking and the development of processes. Pietro Ranieri from Ranieri Communications puts it well: “As a business owner, you have to as quickly as possible transfer your skills to the people who work with you,” and “You’ve got to trust the people you’ve trained. Your people are your best asset.”


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