The fragmented attention of consumers and business customers makes the job of the in-house marketer and her public relations partner more challenging than ever. Publicists must take advantage of every promotional tool in order to connect with stakeholders, grow those relationships, and build trust over time.

The White Paper

White papers continue to serve as a key public relations asset, but only when done right. The valuable white paper is not an expanded brochure, or a lengthy description of product features or functions. Rather, the white paper that cuts through the noise has specific attributes: It is substantive, well-researched, and presents ideas that are new and innovative. It communicates a point of view on an issue that is relevant to the company’s prospects and customers.

The white paper that is truly educational serves as the foundation for a rich content program. Once published, topics within the white paper can be converted into blog posts, short slide decks, and even a Q&A discussion with the white paper’s expert sources. Content pieces that accompany the launch of a white paper can expand on the company’s point of view, and drive conversations that ultimately generate revenue.


The Case Study        

Case studies are important because they allow a business to show how their product has been used successfully in the field. Unlike traditional marketing materials that are self-promotional and simply assert the value of a product, case studies bring the product to life. Third party validation always carries more weight, whether in the form of a positive product review, an influential social mention, or a well-written case study.

The meaningful case study is more than a simple testimonial. It is an in-depth example of how a vendor satisfied customer needs and helped them achieve their goals. No longer must customers be lured in with promises of potential. The case study proves that the product provides value and achieves real results.

Case studies have the most impact when they tell the story that resonates with the ideal customer. Max Borges Agency helps clients to pick the right customer advocate, and to demonstrate to key prospects the client’s expertise in their industry. Case studies that drive leads will show from the customer’s perspective the process of product selection, implementation and results.


Generating awareness

When a case study or white paper is complete, it’s time to share the news. Case studies are attractive to the media because they can help provide background on a specialized topic and potentially provide a local angle to a story. In addition, interest from media in a case study be converted into a briefing with the featured customer. When a white paper is published, it should be treated as a mini product launch. Tactics to be considered include distributing a press release about the white paper, promoting it on social media, and including blurbs in email blasts and newsletters