Public Relations is a people-driven business. When you’re selecting a tech PR agency to represent your company, it’s critical to select the right people on your team that will be an extension of your organization. This will ensure your communications program is built strategically and executed upon flawlessly.

When you’re looking for the right PR team to bring on board, here are 3 areas you’ll want to evaluate.


Experience – Having a proven track record of reaching your target audience is critical. Make sure the firm has at least 3 solid examples of campaigns they’ve conceived and executed in your specific vertical. You want an agency that understands your industry, the competitive landscape, and the KPIs that will drive your business forward.


Execution – Without proper execution, no strategy is sound. You need team members that have translated strategic insights into real-world results. Look for team members that can give you tangible examples of media and influencer relationships they leverage consistently to earn coverage for their brand partners.


Dynamics – You have to feel good about the people you’re working with. Your agency will be an extension of your organization, so you should be able to mesh well on both a professional and personal level.  The same methodology used to ensure new internal hires are a culture fit should be applied to hiring an agency. Ask the right questions to determine they are strategically sound, able to execute, and fun to work with!


We try to make the decision as easy for our client partners as possible. At MBA, we do the heavy lifting on hiring and training so that your account team seamlessly blends into your organization. Our hiring process is extremely diligent in bringing on amazing people that think strategically, execute aggressively, and adapt and flex to various work and communication styles.


Through our Business Intelligence practice, we equip all team members with masterful understanding of the tech world, so we live and breath your industry on a daily basis. We pride ourselves on grooming professionals that will generate amazing PR results, but also earn a seat at the table for making more complex marketing decisions. We know brand partners highly value both a strategic perspective and executional ability so, we strive to be a consultant to your business first and foremost and then a practitioner of PR that propels your organization forward.


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