On this week’s episode of Unconventional Genius, I talk with Zoli Honig, Founder and COO of Waivecar, about how he is building a truly free car-sharing program. By harnessing advertising capital, Zoli is seeing his dream of transporting people from place to place for free become a reality. He shares with me how he got his start in business and some of the keys to being a successful entrepreneur.

Zoli’s story is one of both hard work and a little bit of luck. He has proven that even though some ideas don’t seem great at first, with a little bit of imagination and a lot of time and energy, you can create an industry-transforming business. During this episode, you’ll hear Zoli’s story and what he’s learned along the way.

This week on #UnconventionalGenius, Max is joined by guest Zoli Honig, Founder and COO of @Waivecar. He shares about how he is taking the crazy idea of a free car sharing program and making it a reality. #maxborgesagency #waivecar @zolihonig Click To Tweet

Don’t let fear cause your good idea to go to waste

Zoli Honig’s technological aptitude began when he was a teenager. He turned his skills into a successful business idea while in college. Zoli noticed that the educational platform used by most colleges and universities was inefficient and difficult to use. He decided to build a better application that could be used by primary schools as well as post-secondary institutions.

Along the way, Zoli learned several important lessons that he shares with me. One of the best pieces of advice he gives during our conversation is about being willing to share your ideas. Zoli says, “A lot of people assume that their idea is going to be stolen, so they don’t tell anyone. It’s not about the idea, it’s about the execution.”

A little more talk can lead to a lot more action

Leveraging your network and having strategic conversations can help open new doors of opportunity that can take your company or idea to the next level. Zoli shares how his willingness to talk with someone he didn’t know led to a meeting with the head of Hyundai ventures. That conversation was the catalyst for the largest partnership with Waivecar.

Waivecar is able to provide a free car-sharing program to consumers through advertising subsidies. In order for the business model to work, major advertisers needed a large volume of cars on the road before they were willing to buy ad space. Through a chance encounter, Zoli was able to get the idea in front of Hyundai ventures who not only bought the ad space but also provided the fleet of cars for the free car sharing program.

Zoli Honig encourages you to not let fear cause your good idea to go to waste. Hear how he has overcome fear in starting @Waivecar. That’s on this episode of #UnconventionalGenius #maxborges #waivecar @zolihonig Click To Tweet

Thinking outside the box can open up new opportunities

The partnership with Hyundai is mutually beneficial, providing the ultimate test drive for potential buyers of a Hyundai while transporting Waivecar users. A free car-sharing program is not a traditional advertising avenue a car company might typically consider. However, because Zoli was willing to pursue his dream and work hard, he has been able to create a unique platform that serves both companies.

The stated goal of Waivecar is to provide transportation at no cost for the consumer. Instead of charging customers, Waivecar is committed to using advertising money to generate revenue. This model of being a free car-sharing program sets Waivecar apart from all other ride-sharing platforms.

Taking care of yourself helps you take care of your company

Zuli shares the importance of maintaining good physical health. Staying in shape makes you more productive, giving you more energy and focus. This allows you to more effectively pour into the business. However, keeping a routine of health takes discipline.

Zuli gives great advice for staying motivated while investing in your health. He encourages setting short-term goals so that you can see incremental success. Healthy living will ultimately contribute to greater success in all areas of life. Listen to this episode of Unconventional Genius to hear about that and much more.

If you have a good idea, you have to be willing to share it with other people. Find out how a little more talk can lead to a lot more action on this episode of #UnconventionalGenius with guest Zoli Honig, Founder and COO of @Waivecar. #maxborges… Click To Tweet

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Topics Featured In This Episode

  • [2:11] Introduction of Zoli Honig, Founder and COO of Waivecar a free car-sharing program
  • [5:45] Solving the inefficiencies of an educational platform by building a better product
  • [10:48] Leveraging your network to get in front of the right people to sell your product
  • [12:52] Don’t allow the fear of your idea being stolen to keep you from sharing it
  • [14:29] Zoli Honig talks about what Waivecar is, how he started it and how it works
  • [18:18] If you want to try out Waivear, go to the website and use promo code VIP
  • [20:00] Advertising on the cars is a great value because the advertisements are dynamic
  • [24:34] Solving the problem of volume through a partnership with a major car company
  • [30:05] How the partnership between Waivecar and Hyundai is mutually beneficial
  • [36:15] The next step of growth for Waivecar and the challenges that have come up
  • [45:55] Zoli explains the importance of health and balancing the demands of work and life
  • [51:10] Staying motivated with the reward of achieving short-term goals
  • [54:58] Zoli shares his ultimate goal in life and business

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Thinking outside the box can open up new opportunities. Zolin Honig has proven this to be true with his revolutionary company @Waivecar. Hear all about it during Max’s conversation with Zoli on #UnconventionalGenius #maxborges #waivecar @zolihonig Click To Tweet You can’t lead if you aren’t healthy. On this episode of #UnconventionalGenius, Zoli Honig shares how taking care of yourself helps you take care of your company. #maxborges #waivecar @zolihonig Click To Tweet