Whether positive or negative, it has been said that, “No publicity is bad publicity.” Now, the question is, how far will people go to get that publicity? These next 10 examples are proof of how far the limits have been pushed.

  1.  The Left-Handed Whopper. Burger King had 32 million customers who came into the chain to discover this specially engineered burger was just a joke and another several million who came to see if there was a right-handed burger. Even though most were disappointed, plenty of regular burgers were purchased.
  2. Snapple’s Popsicle. The company decided to erect a twenty-five foot popsicle in the middle of New York City. The strawberry-kiwi contraption melting and flooding the crowd was not the story they were going for!
  3. Frozen In Time. David Blaine, an illusionist, marketed his work by freezing himself into a hunk of ice for over 2 days. Doctors had him taken to the hospital over medical concerns afterwards, but the event did generate a massive turnout.
  4. Human Chain. To raise money in 1986, Hands Across America got over 5 million Americans to form a human chain across 16 states. With each person paying $10 to participate, it’s safe to say the fundraiser was a success.
  5. Vodafone. The company had two gentlemen run through a rugby match in nothing but the Vodafone logo. Between the nudity and arrests that followed, how could this not get such a high volume of media coverage?
  6. The Blair Witch Project. When the makers of this film passed off the footage as real, they convinced countless people that this fictional piece about witchcraft was a documentary. Everyone remembers the buzz this created!
  7. BK Does it Again. When Burger King took their Whopper off of the menu for one day, the reactions they got were priceless. The aired recordings of them were even more so.
  8. Taco Liberty Bell. When Taco Bell released an ad with the headline that read “Taco Bell Buy the Liberty Bell”, thousands of people came forward to complain. When it was released that the ad was released on April 1st and merely an April Fool’s joke, they received massive amounts of coverage. Over the next two days alone, sales increased by over one million dollars.
  9. A Spa that Likes its Wine. A spa in Tokyo celebrated its opening by having a pool filled entirely with wine for their guests to swim in. Naturally, they had those not of drinking age swam in a pool of green tea.
  10. Meow Mix House. If reality television featuring humans is so popular, how would one featuring cats not be? Del Monte aired a show in which people can watch webcams of cats from shelters around the country, plugging into pop culture & encouraging adoption at the same time.