The beauty of blogs and columns is that just about anyone can write them. More writing experience doesn’t necessarily mean greater popularity as far as the blogosphere is concerned. Experienced or not, it’s fascinating to see what these mediums have inspired.

1) Icanhascheezburger

Eric Nakagawa gave a picture of a silly-looking cat the caption, “I can Has A Cheezburger?” This turned into a globally popular site where visitors submit and vote on photos of amusing ‘Lolcats’. The captions are written in ‘Lolspeak’, a new language that the Bible may soon be translated into.

2) The Huffington Post

Before Arianna Huffington launched this liberal blog, dominant media companies disregarded the web. After this wealthy socialite demonstrated she could use money and good marketing to gain serious traffic, big businesses came to see the web as a marketplace with real potential.

3) Dear Beatrice Fairfax

Long before the internet existed, Marie Manning, under the name Beatrice, wrote the very first advice column in 1898. Her responses to letters seeking advice started the trend of agony aunts like Dear Abby.

4) The F Word

In 2001, this blog truly revived debates regarding feminist issues in the UK. It’s a place for contemporary feminists to speak up about everything from modern stereotypes to new podcasts.

5) Waiter Rant

This is the online diary of a waiter’s experiences with customers, which represents the a popular genre known as the ‘job-blog’. Other examples include policemen on Coppers Blog and ambulance drivers writing for Random Acts of Reality.

6) Malcolm Gladwell

Malcolm became a staff writer for The New Yorker in 1996. He writes about a variety of topics from a perspective based on research in psychology and sociology. His works present puzzle-solving research and present the unexpected; his work has put him on the Times’ 100 Most Influential People list.

7) Students for a Free Tibet

China has occupied Tibet since the 1950s and done horrendous things during its occupation. Facing arrests for their writing, student bloggers are here to give their testimonies and share news from the inside.

8) Dooce

Heather Armstrong was one of the first bloggers to share her job’s gory details online and, due to the negative light she shed on the company, was fired. This started the movement of people taking their private worlds and making them public. (And if you’ve ever heard the phrase ‘dooced’, meaning to be fired from one’s place of employment, now you know the origin.)

9) Chez Pim

Pim Techamuanivivit is the Julia Child of the modern blog world. In a country known for drive thru restaurants and microwave dinners, Pim is devoted to detailing her adventures in good food. What started out as a way to update friends on her travels turned into the sensation the blog has become.

10) Perez Hilton

His blog may not be awesome in the sense of creating awe inspiring grandeur, but one cannot deny the new extreme level of celebrity photos, gossip and discussion he has generated. How else could the public keep up-to-date with Lindsay Lohan’s everyday drama?