As the New Year unfolds, brands and businesses have begun speculating and planning for the year ahead. Marketers are keeping their ears to the ground for new opportunities; being among the first in line to uncover a new avenue or strategy elevates brands above the noise, helping them compete in an otherwise crowded marketplace. One such opportunity comes by way of working with agencies that specialize in digital marking. An agency can help provide insight and guidance — helping brands focus and develop goals, while creating actionable strategies.  

The 2016 landscape is sure to ebb and flow with trends du jour, but the ever-evolving digital space still holds true these 3 cardinal rules of digital marketing: content is king, social media platforms are dominant, brands must “pay-to-play”. Agencies that specialize in digital marking have the experience and foresight to use these rules to their advantage, helping brands develop a wider and deeper footprint while leveraging new technologies and trends.


Agencies with digital and PR core competencies are approaching the new year with the intention of helping brands better position themselves through the use of paid media, community & social customer management and influencer programs – avenues that saw rapid growth in 2015, which are quickly expanding and spilling over into 2016. For new or established brands, 2016 will be an important year for these developing areas.


Here are some ways agencies can help your brand get ahead:


Influencer Programs:

Agencies who have established relationships with industry influencers can be a boon for brands. Influencer programs offer brands advocacy, credibility and greater reach to their target audience. Brands who work with agencies get the opportunity to work with powerful influencers in their industry, who might be otherwise out of reach.


Community & Social Customer Management:

A big part of digital marketing is ensuring that the content you publish is well-received by your audience. While having engaging and interesting content is important, brands must also create a positive community environment. Customer issues must be handled proactively, promptly and effectively. A social channel is only as good as its community. No amount of excellent content will help your brand succeed without a happy and receptive audience.


This is where having an experienced agency can come in handy. Community management is an extension of your community engagement plan by proxy. Effectively working with and converting customers is a full time job, one that is best managed by folks who are well versed in customer care and community growth.


Paid Media

One of the best things about having an agency help you run your paid media campaigns is the fact that your team doesn’t have to go through trial and error at the expense of time and budget. A seasoned agency will help you carve out your goals and build an actionable plan-of-attack.


This year will be the biggest yet for paid media—ensuring your strategy is optimized and your ad budget is being properly allocated will help you get the edge on competition.



Leveraging agencies is not a new concept, however in 2016 we will begin to see more and more businesses bringing on agency partners as subject matter experts and leaders to help build a stronger and more effective digital presence.








Written by Elena Harper