March 25, 2012 - Facebook will use its heavy hand of justice to force all businesses into the new timeline layout on March 30. Change isn’t easy but in this case, change is useful.

Here’s the downside: default landing pages are out. That means that Facebook promotions can’t be advertised via a custom landing tab. Use the new timeline to your advantage instead. Here are 7 tips to help

  1. Pick Clever Names for Apps and Tabs - Facebook apps and tabs are now displayed at the forefront of your business page. Picking clever names means more users will click them. Some good examples are: “Win Prize,” “Earn Rewards,” and “Half Off.”
  2. Upload Custom Tab Images - Tabs can now be displayed with a custom, rectangular image positioned beneath the timeline image. With the old layout, tabs were displayed on the left side of the page with 16x16 images. Make sure to create an eye-popping yet simple design.
  3. Put Tabs in Order - Just like with the old layout, you can alter the order of your tabs. Put them in order of importance. While the first tab is always “Photos” your promotion should be second from the left.
  4. Get Correct Photo Sizes - When uploaded, your tab image will be 111 x 74. While Facebook will automatically downsize your new tab image, keep those dimensions in mind when designing the tab images.
  5. Image and Text Should Be Friends, Not Twins - Make sure your tab image and name complement each other. Avoid having the same words in the image and the name.
  6. Don’t Advertise on the Cover Image - Advertising on the cover (timeline) image is like shoving a billboard two feet from a user’s face. It’s not appealing. Subtle calls to action are acceptable but always use this space wisely.
  7. Red is Best - Facebook users respond best to the color red. Try it.

Original article and image found on AllFacebook.com.