What does it take to truly stand out as a brand on social media? As digital marketing continues to evolve, brands must follow. Today’s branded ads should not only be highly targeted, but also relevant, evocative and meaningful to their intended audience. Additionally, brands should be cognizant of their social media marketing mix – ensuring that they’re leveraging all relevant channels. However, most brands will silo their advertising strategy, clinging onto one or two social channels, subsequently leaving a lot of opportunity on the table.  

Two avenues in particular that most brands forget to target are Instagram and Pinterest. Although not everyone will find these channels align with their brand, for the majority of brands out there, Instagram and Pinterest can be a boon for business – if executed correctly.




Why it’s great for Brands: Many forget that Instagram is owned by Facebook. What does that mean for your brand? Data! As a business, you are given access to targeting and measurement tools. Additionally, users can now make purchases from this platform, giving brands another retail channel.

How to Get Started: Instagram has finally opened access for all brands to create ads, adding a powerful new advertising platform to your company’s toolbox. Best of all, you can create Instagram ads through Power Editor on Facebook.

Advertising Best Practices: The Instagram audience skews younger than Facebook or Twitter. Ad copy must use unique content and high quality images. Images must be relatable to your audience, emotional and engaging. Your audience wants to believe that your brand is a part of their community, rather than a distraction. Start with a clear understanding of who your target audience is, then build your ad around their passion points.




Why it’s great for Brands: Users of this platform come here to find new products, and anticipate purchase options. Pinterest users are typically positioned toward the bottom of the purchase funnel.

How to Get Started: Similar to Instagram, Pinterest is rolling out their paid platform slowly. In order to publish your promoted pin, you need to get on the waitlist. However, as long as your promoted pin meets the criteria, Pinterest is fairly quick to approve and publish.

Advertising Best Practices: Pinterest is skewed heavily toward the female demographic, however, there is an emerging niche for travel, home improvement and sports for the male demographic. When creating promoted pins, imagery must be high quality, engaging and captioned with appropriate description and call to action. Ensure that all pin links are working and lead to the appropriate product page.






Written by Elena Harper