So the weather is nice and school is out, but you know what’s always in session? Technology. Summer means one thing: hot – tech & PR events, that is. In June we recapped the Google I/O and told you where you should be in terms of technology and consumer electronics events for the month. With August just around the corner, things aren't slowing down; they’re actually gearing up. As the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and the holidays, the two most crucial points of the year for technology brands, are just half a year away, what better way to prep than by being around ambitious, knowledgeable, and driven individuals like yourself who want to share information and soak in as much Intel as possible? Conventions, conferences, and summits are great places to find said individuals. And don’t worry about knowing which of the many conventions, conferences, and summits you should attend; Max Borges Agency has got you covered. Here are our top picks for tech, social media, marketing, and PR events in August.

The 4th Annual PR Summit Conference – San Francisco, CA (July 30-31)

While this summit is technically not quite in August, this PR event is just too good to leave out. Besides, what’s two days? The PR Summit was launched in 2010 by Graffiti PR. While it’s certainly grown the past three years from a small, Silicon Valley based conference to a full-fledged summit that groups together the top media influencers, entrepreneurs, marketers, and PR people from across the nation under one roof.  The PR Summit involves panel discussions, debates, key-notes, and breakout-sessions, making it a great way to connect with industry insiders, media, potential clients, or partnerships. Conference attendees can be sure to walk away with insider information on what changes and shifts are coming in the marketplace, new content strategies for your business and/or clients, and how/why consumer attitudes and social media will play an even bigger role in 2014. Still, the best part has to be the PR Summit’s reputation for being edgy with creative and disruptive/next level content. This isn't your typical suit and tie type summit.

PR News’ Next Practices PR Annual Conference –  San Francisco, CA (August 6)

How do you remain a communications leader and gain some edge in the fast-paced digital world? You can start by attending this conference in San Francisco at the Westin. You’ll be able to connect with bloggers and journalists from Silicon Valley and beyond in person as well as learn how to connect with them on a variety of social media channels and by using the latest technology, all to the benefit of your company. If you don’t know how to take advantage of Pinterest, Instagram, or Vine, this conference is for you. With a focus on social media communication, you’ll walk away secure in your knowledge on how to tell a brand’s visual story. You’ll also learn how to use Twitter to manage a crisis and uncover Facebook’s secrets of audience engagement. If you’re looking to understand the ROI of your company’s social media presence, this conference is just what you need to figure it out.

Geek Summer Camp – Manchester, NH (August 7)

According to the official website, Geek Summer Camp is “finally … a camp for techies!” The first-ever Geek Summer Camp is a two-day technology conference that’s free of charge. Geek Summer Camp aims to educate everyone who attends on why Internet infrastructure is crucial to the Internet. Attendees will learn about web speed, web performance, messaging and more through open dialogue, workshops, and discussions led by top industry leaders like Netflix’s Founder Adrian Cole, DNS & Bind author Cricket Liu, science and technology advocate Dean Kamen, DYN chief technology officer Cory von Wallenstein, and more. They’ll speak on topics like startup strategies, rapid technology development, how technology can create new jobs and how it has and will continue to change the culture of the U.S. Geek Summer Camp is much like your childhood summer camp all grown up. It’s a place to expand your network, make connections, and come away with a better understanding of yourself and the world around you through a focus on the internet and technology.

Digital PR Best Practices Conference – San Francisco, CA (August 15-16)

Taking place at PG&E’s headquarters in San Francisco, the Digital PR Best Practices Conference is a PR event must for anyone working in PR, social media, or marketing. You’ll be surrounded by people who work in corporate PR and communications, content marketing, media relations, video production, and internal communications. Good content is crucial in today’s digitally congested social landscape, and this conference aims to make sure you leave knowing how to create it. This year, you’ll learn how to write blog content for your company that attracts not only media interest, but also instills loyalty within your community as well as speaks for your company in a time of crisis (although we hope that’s never the case!). Another notable highlight is the panel on digital PR measurement moderated by Mark Ragan, CEO at Lawrence Ragan Communications. Video integrated content will also be featured as it continues to prove that its ever-changing form of communication has endless possibilities.

Social Media Strategies Summit: Dallas – Dallas, TX (August 27)

The Social Media Strategies Summit (SMS Summit) closes out August with a bang. Whether you know social like the back of your hand or you’re a social media newbite, this summit is geared to everyone regardless of their social media knowledge. The SMS Summit aims to educate  attendees on all the current social media outlets to ensure they’re getting it right. The two-day event is comprised of workshops, case studies, presentations, and, like any other good event, networking opportunities. Sounds like every other conference this month, right? Wrong. SMS Summit will reveal the many secrets behind building, managing, growing, and maintaining a social media community as well as the other emerging digital platforms and strategies. Top brands will discuss and demonstrate their proven successes. Be sure to secure your seats now at this major tech event- space is limited to ensure that attendees have the benefit of an intimate summit.