When you put hefty chunks of time and money into PR, you want to make sure that your resources have been put to the best possible use. It is so essential to measure and evaluate how effective a PR campaign is in order to make sure goals are met and to decide how to use such resources for future campaigns. And with modern technology and tools at our finger tips, the results of these efforts are now quite quantifiable. How Basic Measuring Can Be

The beauty of the internet is how it can deliver such precise data. For example, you can find how many times your company’s website has been shared across Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn simply by going to http://www.linktally.com. Enter your website’s URL, and an e-mail address if you wish, and you’ll get the total number of shares for each of these social sharing sites.

ROI – Evidence Of Your PR’s Effectiveness

Now let’s get a little more in depth. A key way of finding evidence to demonstrate the effectiveness of your PR is to calculate ROI. Return On Investment is absolutely critical because it gives people proof that PR efforts are producing results.

So How Do You Calculate ROI?

It is calculated just like regular marketing activities; however, it has to be more flexible due to the constant maintenance of input required to create results.

You can calculate this valuable ratio by subtracting the cost of an activity from the sales gained from that activity. After you’ve done this, simply divide that amount by the cost of the activity, and you’ll have your ROI.

What Else Must Be Considered When Calculating ROI?

The calculated number alone is not the final answer. It is very important to evaluate the major factors that influence ROI. For example, you’ll want to establish a baseline for how you want to grow; this includes taking into account the other marketing activities that could sway the ROI for your PR efforts. This could be in the form of coupons or sales during peak seasons.

It’s also important to track all of the messages you send out, and this can easily be done online. By being meticulous in doing things like providing unique landing pages for different websites, you can see exactly which websites are driving the most traffic and thereby more accurately measure your efforts.

It will also be extremely valuable to learn how to utilize volume and impression graphs, which can be used to find out how often a story was mentioned and the number of people that got exposed to that story. By knowing these numbers, you can compare the number of impressions were generated by your story to the other communication initiatives you utilized.

To Sum It Up

The more people you plan to reach with your campaign, the farther the outreach gets and the trickier it becomes to measure the effectiveness of your PR outreach. However, by being mindful of the how to calculate ROI and the factors that influence it, you can measure your efforts.