A little more than a year ago, Instagram opened its advertising capabilities to a handful of big-name brands including Taco Bell, Chobani and Michael Kors. This past week, the social media powerhouse announced its plans to open its in-app advertising capabilities to all businesses.  

Their announcement, released last Wednesday, also shared new features and capabilities including action-oriented ad formats such as a “Shop Now” button linking outside of the app; more robust targeting capabilities pulled from Facebook user profiles and a more sophisticated interface for managing and measuring advertising performance.


So the question for marketers is: Should you add Instagram into your advertising mix? For those businesses considering Instagram advertising, here are some important considerations:


  • There are benefits to starting Instagram advertising early: Early advertisers will likely have less competition and therefore, gain more traction with initial ad placements. As more brands begin to flood the Instagram feed, consumers will begin to become desensitized to brand posts. Creating a quality ad strategy early will help you avoid getting lost in the noise.


  • Action-oriented formats make advertising directly measurable: Initial Instagram advertisers got the chance to use Instagram solely for branding purposes, however, with the options for “Buy Now” and “Sign Up,” advertisers will be able to directly measure the results of their advertising campaigns to their given objective


  • Targeting options will only continue to improve: Ad targeting is one of the most important elements of social advertising. With Facebook’s comprehensive collection of data on its users, we can look forward to a wealth of targeting options available as Instagram advertising continues to evolve



Are you considering adding Instagram to your advertising mix? What benefits do you anticipate from the latest changes to the ad capabilities?