May was host to the Google I/O, put together by a little company called Google. You may have heard of them? They pretty much run the World Wide Web. Must be why this year they extended their annual Google I/O to be three days instead of two. It is their biggest event of the year, after all.

But just what is Google I/O?  An annual developer-focused conference held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco that started in 2008,  Google I/O (or “Innovation in the Open”) features highly technical, in-depth sessions that are solely focused on building web, mobile, and enterprise applications with Google and open web technologies such as Android, Chrome, Chrome OS, Google API’s, App engine, and more. Keynote speakers give a first glimpse of the latest products and platform innovations at Google. Participants have the opportunity to join code labs to get deeply encoded as well as the ultimate 3-day inspiration hub featuring techmakers sessions, tech talks, startup panels, and introductions to Google’s latest innovations. As if that weren’t enough they also give you an insight as to how YOU can be a part of it. The developer sandbox featured over 100 innovators who have built or are building great products with Google technologies. Sounds tiring, we know. Lucky for attendees then that Google I/O had an afterhours, which was filled with hyper-visual and hands-on interactive experiences of “sophisticated recreation”  like virtual golf, heightened reality-type arcade games, and live musical performances like no other.

Want to see what you missed? Check out CNET’s roundup of Google I/O 2013 -

Wave goodbye to May and hello to June, which isn’t just the start of summer or hurricane season. It’s one of the busiest months of the year for social media, technology, and PR. That means lots of events, conferences, summits, and whatever else you call an all-day getaway filled with nothing but knowledge. If anyone knows how to put together an event, it’s tech-geeks. Technology makes the world go round, and all those who act as its backbone in the form of social media, PR, and marketing, well, we’re not too far behind.

It doesn’t hurt either that the goodie bags, giveaways, sponsors, and attendees at these events are typically global names, so if you ever get an invite to a tech event, summit, conference, or a simple party be sure to RSVP, attend, and walk away with something in hand other than business cards. Granted, some of these are expensive, some are invite-only, and some are filled months in advance, so it’s important to know about them from now to increase your chances of attending next year. Like Google I/O 2014.  After all, it’s for work - networking, seeing what others are doing (and not doing for that matter), as well as showing off yourself, your product and your company is business 101 – but you probably already knew that.

So let’s skip the small talk – save that for the events – and go straight to business. Here are some of the top tech events for the month of June.

eMetrics Summit Chicago –  June 10- June 13

This three-day summit taking place from June 10th to June 13th combines your company’s website, social media, ecommerce, web intelligence, data strategy, audience research into one. Responsible for any of the aforementioned for your company? Then you ought to be at the Hyatt Regency at McCormick Place along with senior level executives at this leading digital analytics. Learn what tools and techniques to use in order to optimize successful digital marketing programs and have your company work for you. Speakers from leading companies AOL, American Airlines, NUY, United Airlines, and the hosting Hyatt come together at this conference in Chi-Town. And hey, it’s summer, which means it’s a great time to visit the windy city.


Thousands of technology professionals will gather at Scotland’s Technology Show 2013 – STS 2013 – to network, learn, and get inspired. The free event gives you access to suppliers, customer, funding courses and industry leaders with a focus on health and care technologies, smart cities and communities, the future of technology, and big data, cloud, and data security.  With demo zones that encompass the show’s four themes, technology connection zones designed to make the right connections, workshops with speakers from some of the largest and fastest growing technology companies, and a keynote area run by Rene Carayol (one of the world’s gurus in leadership), it’s a wonder that this tech exhibition event is free. Although flights to Scotland don’t exactly come cheap, especially for those like us who reside in the US.

Glimpse: The Social Discovery Conference – June 12

As Mark Zuckerberg best knows, social media is the way of the future. Glimpse is a daylong conference dedicated to the next face in social interaction: social discovery.  Companies operating on these frequencies are looking to connect with new people, places, products, and technology that they will enjoy. This is based on their existing interests and current way of interacting social via the World Wide Web. Held in San Francisco and sponsored by VentureBeat, Glimpse 2013 brings together industry experts in social to discuss the future of how social interactions affect the way which we live, decide, and buy.

Led by influential journalists and hosted by CNET’s Casey Newton, Glimpse 2013 past participants include Mike Isaa of AllThingsD, Shyandi Raice from the Wall Street Journal, and Doug MacMillan of Bloomberg Businessweek. As if this weren’t enough a select number of one-on-one keynotes are held with top CEO’s.

Content Summit for PR, Social Media, and Marketing Professionals – June 24- June 26

Tech brands would be nowhere without impactful and strong PR, social media, and marketing. We in the PR, social media, and marketing world know this, but what about the rest of the world? They just read content without thinking about where that content comes from, which again leads us back to strong and impactful PR, social media, and marketing. So how do you master the most critical element – content – for your product and to reach your public? You attend the Content Summit at the Gleacher Center in Chicago, held from June 24-26. Seventeen speakers will discuss the ROI of developing irresistible content, and how to get your staff excited about writing narratives.  Attendees will be able to walk away having learned tricks to get employees to adopt new media quicker and easier, and understanding of how to use an editorial calendar and see it’s benefits, tips to integrate social media into your PR, marketing, and sales, and the three mistakes to avoid when jumping into content marketing.

START – June 26

From the team behind F.ounders and dubbed as “one of the hottest events in tech” by CNN and “the best conference ever attended” by Mashable, START launched in New York on March 15th. The event combined incredible early-stage startups with speakers like Troy Ctayer of Atom Factory and Dave MacClure of 500Startups.  F.ounders brings together 150 of the world’s leading tech company founders for an intimate annual gathering where the motto here is it’s who’s in the room that matters. Guests at F.ounders have included Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, Skype’s Miklas Zennstrom, and YouTube’s Chad Hurley. Even Bono’s stopped by. With or without him, the event would still be worthy. With all these people and much more in attendance in one room, imagine the connections one could make. Did you know that seven Nobel Prize winners for physics found themselves together in a room, presumably at some sort of science conference, before any of them won the Nobel Prize in physics?

With that said, now it’s time for the next chapter – START San Francisco will take place on June 26th. The best from the West Coast and beyond will meet in Silicon Valley where today’s most compelling and exciting voices will mix, connect, and learn from one another. The catch? It’s a private event, by invitation-only. The best events always are.