The 2013 O’Dwyer’s report—which showcases the financial successes and growth of U.S.-based public relations firms—was released last week, and here at Max Borges Agency, we couldn’t be more thrilled. Not only did the report name us as the 41st top public relations firm in the country, it spotlighted us for being among the fastest growing independent agencies around, with a 21 percent growth since the same time in 2012. Not only that, but our $9 million dollars in annual billing placed us at 15th for leading tech firms.

“Our growth is attributed to the innovation brought on by our team members,” said our CEO, Max Borges. "We pride our success in not only exhibiting what we can do for prospects but by providing new and exciting opportunities for existing clientele.”

And it’s true. Everyone on staff strives to provide the best innovative solutions to each of the 90-plus clients we currently have on retainer. As an agency that provides public relations and social media, we’re able to provide current and prospective clients a truly integrated strategy for publicity.

Here’s to a great team of dedicated workers, and to many more years of success as we continue to make our way to the top of this list.