MSI Canada Joins Their Other Two MSI Brands and Partners with Max Borges Agency

Miami, FL – July 31, 2009 – After successfully marketing MSI Laptops and MSI Desktops across multiple US markets, MSI Canada, a leading manufacturer of computer hardware products and solutions, signed with Max Borges Agency in order to continue expanding their brand in North America.

Max Borges Agency has a vast amount of experience in reaching key media markets and expanding brands further into the visibility of target audiences not only in the US but also across Canada.

“Over the past year, we have been able to further both MSI Laptops and MSI Desktops visibility in the US market,” commented Max Borges, President of Max Borges Agency.  “I am confident in our skills and abilities to provide the same world class results in Canada as we did in the US for MSI.”

Max Borges Agency will focus on promoting MSI Canada’s visibility in various vertical markets across a wide range of media outlets in order to secure MSI’s place among leading computer manufacturers.

About The Max Borges Agency

The Max Borges Agency is the only 100% consumer electronics and technology-focused public relations agency in the country. Max Borges Agency, composed of its consumer electronic army, is dedicated to securing massive amounts of exceptional media results for all clients.

About MSI Computer Canada


Based in Richmond Hill, Ontario, MSI Computer Canada offers a wide array of computing products that includes All-in-One PCs, gaming notebooks, ultra portables, consumer and business notebooks, MSI’s award winning line of Wind netbooks and industry leading PC components.  Each product line is designed with the latest technology to meet a specific set of needs for the various classifications of consumer and industry customers.  To learn more about MSI Canada’s complete offering, please visit

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