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Company signs with PR agnecy to assist in the launch of its first product, the MovieWedge

Miami, FL – September 9, 2009 – WedgeWorks, a local Miami company that focuses on the creation of life enhancing mobile devices, has partnered with Max Borges Agency, a fully experienced agency that specializes in PR representation for consumer electronics.

Max Borges Agency’s extensive experience in the tech and general consumer industries will be the ultimate resource for fulfilling the PR needs of WedgeWorks.

“We are a huge fan of the MovieWedge,” said Max Borges, President of Max Borges Agency. “Working with WedgeWorks to create a magnitude of support and coverage for their first product is something that we are very excited about.”

Max Borges Agency will center its efforts around iPhone and iTouch users and outlets in order to cater to the niche aspects of the inventive MovieWedge.

About The Max Borges Agency

The Max Borges Agency is the only 100% consumer electronics and technology-focused public relations agency in the country. Max Borges Agency, composed of its consumer electronic army, is dedicated to securing massive amounts of exceptional media results for all clients.

About WedgeWorks:

Based in Miami, FL, WedgeWorks was established in 2009 to design and create products to enhance the mobile lifestyle. Founded by Jonathan Piccolo, WedgeWorks’ first product the MovieWedge provides users a simple and functional solution for conveniently watching videos on almost any mobile device. For additional information on WedgeWorks, LLC please visit

Media Contact:

Valerie Guerra

Marketing Manager

305-576-1171 x20