In a recent article on PR News, Chase Fitzgerald, director here at Max Borges Agency, gave tips on how to best utilize Facebook ads for a maximum return. It’s a testament to the agency’s on-staff expertise not just in the media relations spectrum, but in social media as well.

So what advice did he give?

  1. Facebook ads don’t work in isolation. Each ad in a single campaign is in direct competition with the others. Typically, the first ad to be approved ends up being the most popular one, simply because it is the first one to start receiving clicks. Closely monitor each ad in a campaign and, when you notice an ad underperforming—generally speaking, anything with less than a .06% CTR aren’t worth continuing—immediately pause it.
  2. Make sure the content is good. Facebook wants to make sure that users like what they see. Facebook’s EdgeRank is the algorithm that determines what content from their friends users see in their newsfeed and this also applies to ads. The better the copy and image associated with your ad, the more people will click, and more people will see it.
  3. Target your promoted posts. General targeting is not likely to return positive results; instead, focus your audience and continue to refine it until you find that ideal combination. If you don’t see positive results, you’ll spend a lot more money.
  4. Test your landing page. Seventy-eight percent of Facebook’s users are on mobile, so when promoting a post that also includes a link, be sure that the landing page is optimized for those devices. If you’re running a post that directs people to a Facebook app, adjust your targeting so it only displays on desktops.
  5. Take advantage of Facebook’s Success program. If you spend $1,500 or more in a 30-day period, you get weekly calls with a Facebook rep, who will help analyze and optimize your ads. There are some restrictions, so look at the Facebook Marketing Solutions first to see if this is the right choice for your business.