Today, Max Borges Agency has the privilege of hosting an exclusive invite-only webinar featuring Jim Stengel, marketing officer extraordinaire. He will be teaching the agency, along with its clients, how a company’s ideals can power growth and profit, something we are very interested in, given our steady growth as an agency. We’re excited to learn all that we can from Stengel, who served as global marketing officer at Procter & Gamble for seven years, and now serves as CEO of The Jim Stengel Company, where he advises and advocates for ideals-driven businesses. His book, Grow serves as inspiration to Max Borges and its lessons are ones that he delivers to the members of his agency.

Stengel’s core focal point in business is right on par with that of Max Borges Agency: brands that center their business on the ideal goal of improving people’s lives are the most successful and experience the most growth. It’s something that we strive to accomplish every single day at MBA.

We’re excited to have this time to learn from such a seasoned expert.  We are confident that we’ll take away insightful information and tips that will continue to help keep our ever-growing agency flourishing.