Max Borges Agency’s Senior Director of Digital Strategy, Lindsey Stuart was one of this year’s speakers on the Business Wire panel for “The Secret to Successful PR & Marketing Communications in The Digital Age”.  The discussion focused on tried and true methods used to compete in the often crowded digital marketing space, concluding with the following key points:  


  • Editorial: Create a story line for the company.


  • Identify the audience: What’s the company’s target? Where does your audience go to obtain news?


  • Once the target has been identified and the campaign and/or article is ready to be delivered, tools such as Business Wire are essential in the process of distributing it to the key media outlets.


  • News Coverage:  Once your campaign receives the news coverage, it is important to promote it.
    • Native Advertising: Helps promote the same content of the campaign but in different platforms.
    • Recommended Tool: StackAdapt helps promote clients’ articles.
    • Keep in touch: When the article is out and making noise, it is essential to keep in touch with the customers.
    • Webinars offer that interaction, helping introduce new sale cycles to customers/clients.
    • Recommended tool: ReviewInc helps keep in touch with customers who leave the best reviews of the company.


  • It is important to constantly produce content for social media. Video is one the strongest attention attractors on social media platforms, along with interactive infographics.


  • Measuring and Monitoring: Allows to instantly see what people are saying about your company and brands across social media.


  • Recommended tools:
    • Buzzsumo: It gives you the number of the most shared content. This helps Stuart know what’s buzzing in social media, and how to address the campaigns she launches.
    • Topsy: It measures the attraction a tweet receives.
    • TweetReach: It measures how far a tweet traveled.



These are some of the tips these Marketing experts shared, and even though the digital world keeps growing, changing and bringing new social media platforms to the table, they agreed that each platform is for a different type of audience and must be used strategically.