Recently, our CEO, Max Borges, joined the Miami-based Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) Small Business Council Board of Directors. As a member of the board, Borges, along with 17 others, meets with other budding entrepreneurs to offer business guidance; organizes webinars that provide education and training from industry experts; and attends seasonal events to network with other business member entrepreneurs. The most recent task Borges took on, on behalf of CEA, is taking place on Capitol Hill last week. He lobbied Congress to protect freedoms so consumer electronics manufacturers can continue to design and build their products as they are currently doing, whereas there are outside parties that are pushing for new restrictions that will hinder cost-effectiveness and innovation levels.

Being a part of this group is a testament to Borges’s commitment to the technology space. Having built his own tech-focused business from the ground up, he wants to not only help others realize their business dreams, but also make sure they have the opportunity others had to innovate freely and fairly.