The Social Media stratosphere has been buzzing for weeks about the introduction of Facebook’s new timeline for business pages. This newest overhaul was originally introduced for personal profiles last year. Some of the best features of the design, like a visually appealing banner, are now available to business pages along with new additions like custom tab graphics.The timeline gives businesses the added advantage of branding the look and feel of the page, much like with Twitter profiles, allowing for almost total customization.

Business pages that don’t switch to the timeline now will be forced to switch on March 30, 2012. Before making the switch, here are the seven biggest things businesses should know before switching:

Landing Pages:

With the new design, pages are no longer able to set a default landing tab. Users will now be directed straight to the page’s wall. However, custom landing tabs will still function for their most important purpose: ad traffic.

Page Customization:

Once you switch your business page, you’ll notice that the tabs that once appeared on the left-hand side are now in the horizontal row directly beneath the new banner. The tabs can now be featured as rectangular graphics, adding to the tab’s appeal and enticing the user to click.

Cover Photo:

If someone gives your business a free highway billboard, you use it. Don’t leave the cover area blank. This feature at the very top of your page is prime real estate for highlighting the best aspects of your products.

Profile Picture:

It used to be that profile photos could be almost any length. With the new timeline design, Facebook has implemented strict, perfectly square dimensions and will automatically change your profile photo for you. If this occurs, simple cropping can make the photo looks amazing.

Add Some History:

Want users to know when your company was founded or when you signed your first deal? Facebook timeline now allows page administrators to add “history” to the timeline, starting at business creation. Admins can fill in the history by adding photos, videos, and stories about the business’s past to give users a better representation of the company.

Post Pinning:

Have a certain post that received tons of engagement? Now you can “pin” posts to the top of your timeline so they don’t get buried. This is great for special announcements, promotions, and calls to action. The pinned post will stay at the top of the timeline until an admin removes it or after seven days.