Max Borges Agency Social Media Strategist Chase Fitzgerald asked to lead a discussion on Facebook advertising and custom applications during Mashable's 3rd Annual Social Media Day Miami.

Facebook is a social phenomenon and their ad platform is no different. With the ability to hyper-target individuals, a click, "like" or sale is not the only benefit to Facebook ads. In this session, I will expand on my experience with reporting the added benefits to Facebook ads including ways to turn your ads into a nearly FREE online focus group. In this session, we will cover:

1. Testing messaging points on new target segments. 2. Getting a lower CPC and increased engagements in international markets. 3. Creating ad copy with a strong call-to-action. 4, Making a destination page for Facebook ad traffic.

The event will take place at 2:45pm on Saturday, June 30, 2012 at the Zadok art gallery.

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