Despite creating reasonably price, high-end home audio equipment, Aperion was only known in the audio industry and lacked general consumer awareness. Working towards the goal of repositioning Aperion Audio into a leading home audio company, MBA tapped into their consumer electronics public relations expertise to rebuild Aperion Audio’s brand.

Media coverage was obtained through product reviews,  which eventually led to multiple Editors’ Choice awards for Aperion Audio. Upon the release of Aperion’s wireless high-fidelity audio system, MBA marketed it to the mainstream consumer-friendly audio system. Pre-launch reviews of the new audio system through media contacts were successful in obtaining coverage which included a full-feature in the NY Times and a full page review in Wired Magazine, dubbing it the “Fetish” of the month. Website traffic doubled after the launch and has seen an overall 30% increase in total web traffic since working with Max Borges Agency.

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