13 tips to help you survive the world’s largest consumer technology show    

International CES 2013 is weeks away and we are pretty excited about it! This is the 8th year we’ve attended the event so we’ve amassed some pretty useful (sometimes obvious but overlooked) tips to maximize your time in Vegas.  Read below to make sure you’re ready for battle!

1.  Plan Ahead – Develop a schedule in advance and prioritize the sessions, booth visits and meetings that are most important.  The show is over 1,870,000 square feet of booth space so planning meetings by halls will save you hours of time and true agony on your feet.

2.  Resist all that is Vegas – it’s easy to want to relive your buddy’s bachelor party and take advantage of all the free booze and parties.  Trust us, don’t do it.  A 9am meeting with a marquee prospect followed by 8 hours on the show floor after you ‘rocked the mic like a vandal’ until 3am isn’t fun.  The dehydration caused by the drinks and the desert air will feel make you feel like your head is in a vice.

3.  Go Easy on Your Shoulders – Pack light and bring a roller briefcase, you'll leave with several product brochures, magazines, USB flash drives, and samples that will weigh you down quickly.  We call the roller bags ‘nerd packs’ and you will roll over a few toes, but hanging anything off a shoulder or in a backpack will leave you with some seriously sore traps.

4.  CES App – Build your schedule and access booth information on the go: www.cesweb.org/cesmobile.

5.  Murphy’s Law – Anything that can go and will go wrong. Always have a contingency plan: back up files, program cell phone numbers, add extra time between meetings, etc.  The cab lines will truly amaze you.  That hotel just across the street is actually a 30 minute walk.  Did we mention your feet?

6.  Network! Network! Network! – Bring plenty of business cards and a pen to take notes of everyone you meet at the show, at breakfast, in the elevator, wherever.  You will never remember the takeaways from all your meetings if you don’t take notes.  It’ll make follow up that much easier.

7.  Back-Up Batteries – Power is in short supply at CES and the crowds lead to constant roaming which will chew up your tablet and smartphone batteries. Bring a backup battery and keep it on you at all times.

 8.  Mobile Hot Spots – As we mentioned, internet connectivity and cell reception is hard to come by at the show. To ensure you don’t get stuck without it, bring your own mobile hot spot. ­

 9.  Monorail/CES Shuttle Services – Did we mention the cab lines?  Figure out the public transport and remember the shuttle number for your hotel.  The CES Shuttles line up right outside of Central Hall and get you back to your hotel or meeting spot with much more ease.

10.  Shoes – spend the money on some good ones.  Cole Haans with Nike soles are the best we’ve found.  We’d even get a few pairs and switch them out on a daily basis.  Whatever you do, don’t be the suit and sneakers guy/gal.

11. Hydrate – Train for CES like it’s triathlon.  Spend the days leading up to the show over hydrating and always keep a bottle on you during the show.  You need more than you think.

12.  Sanitize – Believe it or not, many people leave the show seriously under the weather.  Improve your chances of staying healthy with hand sanitizer.   It’s a networking event with over 200,000 attendees, stuff gets passed around.

 13.  Dress for the Weather – It can be 80 degrees during the day and 30 degrees at night.  Dress accordingly.

 Max Borges Agency has over 55 clients attending the show who will be on display in the North, Central, and South Halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center as well as hotels like the Venetian, Bellagio and Aria.  To help make planning your schedule even easer we have released the official Max Borges Agency 2013 CES Media Planner that outlines essential information like company profiles, booth locations, as well as media contacts.

Good luck at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show!

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