The digital marketing landscape in 2015 has seen some interesting new trends and changes take shape. Tools, strategies and platforms are evolving at lightening speeds – as a response to emerging technologies and savvy audiences.  

This past year, we saw the rise of personalized and hyper-targeted content, we saw brands taking an active role in understanding and catering to their customers, as well as an overall shift in the way brands position themselves; humanizing and differentiating themselves to better align with the interests and needs of their target audiences.


Here are some of the top trends that dominated 2015:


1. Social Commerce

With the introduction of Instagram and Pinterest ads and one-click ordering, brands can now reach their core audiences more effectively, boosting their sales by focusing their marketing efforts towards the bottom of the purchase funnel.


2. Hyperlocal Targeting on Mobile

Mobile is now the first screen people experience in their day to day lives. Brands have figured out how to reach folks on a more granular level by positioning ads and offers based on their geolocations.


 3. Convergence of Marketing Mediums

The line between social media, PR, SEM, SEO, content marketing and advertising has been blurred. Now, to run an effective campaign, a brand or agency must understand and integrate all these disciplines into one cohesive strategy.


4. Influencer Marketing

Brands are beginning to leverage the advocacy power of influencers more and more. Having a well-known face and name behind their product, brands endear themselves to their audience and showcase a more human side to their business.


5. Visual Content

Nothing captures people’s attention more than a clever, well-placed photo. This year has proven that visual content is at the heart of a good marketing strategy: it has the potential to be highly evocative, emotive and personal, allowing your brand to connect with your audience on a fundamental level.



With the year coming to a close, and 2016 on the horizon, taking stock of your digital strategy is necessary in order to stay competitive and relevant in this ever-changing world of digital marketing. Here’s to another great year!






Written by Elena Harper